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Transparency is one of our top priorities! We strive to make sure that you know exactly how much you’ll get when you use our exchange service, as we try to give you the most competitive rates in Fredericton possible!

We think it’s unfair that some financial institutions charge high fees for currency exchange services, so we want to work to offer you a more affordable option!

Do any of these apply to you? If they do, Remitbee currency exchange might be a good option for you:

You get paid in USD but you live in Canada:

It is common for working individuals in Canada to have an American employer. But you should not allow costly bank fees to stop you from enjoying what you have hardly worked for.

To make things clear, a person who earns $50,000 annually could be losing a shocking amount of $2,000 for the currency exchange services offered by your bank. Imagine what you can do with that ton of money!


You buy US stocks from Canada:

Investing in US stocks has its perks, especially if you are planning to diversify your investments and invest your funds in US stock’s blue chips.

When you invest in stocks, you must be familiar with Questrade. This platform charges you 1.5 to 1.99 percent when you exchange CAD to USD. This fee may sound good, but do you know what’s better? You don't need to pay any fee when you convert CAD to USD using RemitBee!

Once you start investing in dollars, you will see how big your savings and fund will be once you avoid unfair currency exchange fees!

Consider this scenario: You plan on using Questrade to exchange currencies. Here’s the amount you’ll be spending: When you convert $1,000 worth of US stocks, you may lose about $40 CAD. When you invest in $50,000 worth of US stocks, you may lose up to $20,000 CAD!


You’re paying tuition abroad as a Canadian or American

Going to school is not cheap, let alone studying in a foreign country. Aside from paying your tuition, lodging, food, and bills, the money they receive is deducted when converted. This is the agony of many international students in Canada.

An international student studying in Canada spends approximately $32,019, according to the data in the year 2020. The downside of choosing traditional forex providers and banks' currency exchange services is that it can cost you so much money. International students, for example, spend approximately USD 1,200 on currency exchange services.


You purchase property in the USA or Canada:

Real estate investment is becoming a trend nowadays. Suppose you're someone who is buying property in other countries, specifically in Canada or the US. In that case, it should not shock you how unfair the rates of traditional currency exchange providers and banks are.

But worry no more! RemitBee is always to the rescue in times like these. Many people using our services have saved a lot on their property purchases. You can save too! With RemitBee, you can save up to more than USD 9,000 for every residential property that you buy for CAD 531,000.


Why choose Remitbee for your currency exchange in Fredericton?

Much better than the average bank

Many people don’t question the exchange rate they’ve given at a bank, which has allowed banks to get away with unfair rates and offering you lower than the real exchange rate. To find the real exchange rate, simple google, ‘USD to CAD’ or vice versa.

Zero fees

Enjoy zero fees when you exchange a minimum of $10 between a currency pair!

We’re Canadian!

We are regulated and audited by FINTRAC, a government agency. Because we’re an online company, security is a #1 priority, and we make sure your money is protected.

Need some help? Our customer service team is always available

Our service is almost always smooth and swift, but in case anything goes wrong, we’re here to help! Check out our positive reviews on Trustpilot and Google to see how much we care about our customers!

Swifty exchange currency online!

Send from anywhere in Fredericton! Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Remitbee App allows you to currency exchange wherever you are! Our online currency platform uses top-notch encryption to make sure that your money is safe!

We are also partnered with all major banks in Canada so that you can conveniently and swiftly send your money!


How to exchange currency in Fredericton:

Step 1. Create your free account: click here to sign up!

Step 2. Verify your identity: To keep you safe, we need to verify it’s you.

Step 3. Start your exchange: Enter the amount and currency pair you want to exchange.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account: Make sure to connect the bank account you’d like to deposit your money into!

Step 5. Connect your US bank account: Connect the bank account you’d like to deposit your money into!

Step 6. Confirm your exchange: Your money will be exchanged automatically and deposited.

More about currency exchange in Fredericton

Many Canadian bank branches and ATMs offer currency exchange services in Fredericton City, British Columbia. Here are only some of the currency exchange services available: CIBC , National Bank, TD Canada, BMO Bank of Montreal and Scotiabank.

Although the ones mentioned are great, nothing in Fredericton City can beat what RemitBee can offer. There are many advantages to using our platform. Aside from being very accessible, it is also safe to use, user-friendly, and quick. With Remitbee, getting your money’s worth is guaranteed.

We also offer money transfer services to over 50 destinations around the world!

When sending money over $500 from Canada to the other parts of the world, you experience our best deals without any charge. But you don't have to reach the $500 because you can still enjoy our cheap remittance fee, starting with the amount of $2.99 when using Interac or $6.99 when choosing debit. A free calculator is also available on our app to compare our rates with others!

RemitBee is accessible in other parts of the world like India, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines. Honoured as one of the top FinTech companies in the area by Toronto Finance International in 2019, RemitBee provides only the fastest, cheapest, and safest money transfer service ever.


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