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We want you to get the most out of your money, so we offer dependably better exchange rates than top banks.

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Our rates are real, reliable, and transparent! What more could you ask for?

At Remitbee, we know the importance of transparency, especially when it comes to rates and fees. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to know exactly how much you’re getting when you use our CAD to USD calculator. We’re proud to offer you some of the most competitive rates on the market, compared to most currency exchange services in Etobicoke.

In such delicate times, we think it is incredibly unfair that some financial institutions can charge such high fees, especially when it comes to any foreign exchange needs.


Everyone has to exchange USD and CAD for different reasons. Here are just a few (+ why you should switch to Remitbee!)

You live in Canada, but are currently working for a US company:

If this is you, then you’re probably being paid in USD, and need to use a service to convert your hard-earned money. Since it’s becoming so popular to work remotely, freelance, or work as a contractor, there is an increasing number of individuals who find themselves needing to exchange money.

But, you don’t want to lose out on all of that hard-earned money, so you need to choose your currency exchange service wisely. For example, if you make about 50k a year, you could potentially be losing $2,000 solely in currency exchange fees if you continue to convert with a more traditional currency exchange service.


You’re a Canadian who buys US stocks:

With investing becoming more popular, there are many Canadians who wish to purchase US stocks. However, you can lose a lot of your profit due to just exchange fees if you don’t do your research.

With Remitbee, now you have the opportunity to make sure that you can get the most out of your profits. You may have heard of Questrade, which is a competitive option for converting CAD and USD. Questrade charges 1.5-1.99% each way, which although is better than what banks charge (about 2.5%), still can make a significant impact on how much money actually makes it into your pocket. However, Remitbee charges zero fees when you convert, now making it the most competitive service for currency exchange on the market.

If you’re only planning to trade a small amount of money in your whole life, you probably won’t see the difference in how much you’re saving if you switch to Remitbee. However, as you start to invest more, you’ll start to see your savings!

For example, this is how much you could be losing with Questrade:

- If you buy $1000 worth of US stocks, you could be losing $40 CAD profit.
- If you buy $50,000 worth of US stocks, you could be losing $2,000 CAD profit.


You pay international student tuition as a Canadian or American:

If you are studying abroad in Canada or the United States, a lot of your money will go toward tuition fees (which was about $32,109 in 2020-2021). So, you’ll want to make sure that you choose a currency exchange service that doesn’t profit too much off of your hard-earned money.

To put this in context, you could be losing almost $1,200 in just currency exchange fees if you use a financial institution like your bank to exchange.


You purchase property in the US as a Canadian (or vice versa!)

Purchasing property on either side of the border can be a great way to make a profit or have a second place to go to on holiday. If you’re planning on buying property, it’s important to make sure that the financial institution you use isn’t profiting too much off of your money.

Since the average home price in Canada is $531,000 CAD, the fees for exchanging currency make a huge difference in terms of how much money you spend in total. With Remitbee, a purchase of $521,000 CAD could save you $9,000 in currency exchange fees.


Here’s why you should choose Remitbee:

So much better than the average bank

Banks have time and time again profited from their customers because they offer bad rates. Oftentimes, people don’t question these rates, when in reality, the exchange rates banks offer are much lower than the real exchange rate. If you google search “usd to cad” or vice versa, you’ll see the real exchange rate.

We don’t charge anything!

Not only do we have very competitive rates, but you also pay nothing in fees when you exchange a minimum of $10 between a currency pair!

Based in Toronto!

We’re a Canadian foreign exchange service, and we’re proud to offer you good rates at low fees. We’re also regulated and audited by FINTRAC, an agency of Canada’s government, so you can have peace of mind that your money is safe and secure!

Have questions for us? Our customer support team is here to help!

We know how frustrating it is to deal with customer service representatives who are slow and unhelpful, so we’ve made it our mission to make sure that we can solve any issues you may have as quickly as possible! If you’d like to see what our other customers are saying, check out our awesome reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

Convert your money from your home or on the go with the Remitbee mobile app!

Your time is valuable, so we made the Remitbee mobile app so that you can exchange your money from anywhere, anytime! If you’re wary of our online service, we assure you that we use impenetrable data encryption so that your money is as safe and secure. Just download our mobile app from the Apple or Google Play store, and start exchanging!

For an extra layer of security, we are also partnered with all Canadian banks so that it is as easy and secure as possible for you to exchange!


Exchange in Etobicoke as easily as possible with these steps:

Step 1. Create an account: Create your free account by clicking here.

Step 2. You’ll need to verify your identity so that we can keep your account safe

Step 3. Enter the amount of money you’d like to exchange, and which currencies you’d like to exchange between

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account! This will be the account you want to deposit money into or pay CAD with

Step 5. Connect your American bank account! This will be the account you want to deposit money into or pay USD with

Step 6. Confirm your exchange! Your money will be automatically deposited

More about exchanging currency in Etobicoke

There are many currency exchange options in Etobicoke, many of which are located in convenient areas for those living in the city or passing through. For example, there are many currency exchange services located in or around CF Sherway Gardens Mall. Located inside is Calforex Currency Exchange as well as Cash-A-Cheque which is just outside the mall.

Further north along highway 27, Halabja Currency Exchange, Money Exchange World, and Sarifle Foreign Currency Exchange. Each of these are great options as they are located close to many suburban areas, and are generally accessible for in-store currency exchange services.

However, Remitbee’s 100% online service is very convenient, easy, and affordable, which makes it a great option for anyone who needs to exchange currency. Create your free account today!

In need of a money transfer service? Send to over 50 destinations with Remitbee!

Not only is our currency exchange service affordable and easy, but so is our international money exchange! You get to enjoy zero fees when you send over $500, or a small fee between $2.99-$6.99 when you send less than $500. Our recipient countries include India, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan, and more! Check out our fee calculator if you’d like to compare your options for sending.

Remitbee has also been recognized by the Toronto Finance International as one of the top FinTech companies in the area in 2019. We’ve worked hard to bring affordable and effective services to members of our community and hope to expand further in the near future!