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Always make better use of your funds than the exchange rates of major banks to get the most benefit.
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Using our CAD to USD calculator, you can easily figure out how much you will get. Relying on competitive exchange rates, we are completely transparent in this regard. Compare our rates with other East York currency exchange offices to ensure you get the best rate.

We believe that it is unfair for certain financial institutions to continue to charge such high fees for their foreign exchange needs, especially during these turbulent times.

Do you need to send money from Canada to the United States? If you encounter any of the following situations, Remitbee’s online currency exchange is an ideal solution:

Even if you live in Canada, you will be paid in US dollars:

It is becoming more and more common to work for a U.S. company while working in Canada. Whether you are employed by a U.S. company or self-employed, you don’t want to lose hard-earned money due to unfair exchange rates and commissions.

If you earn $50,000 per year, you may lose $2,000 in exchange fees if you continue to use traditional currency exchange services such as banks.


You buy U.S. stocks while in Canada:

Since you are buying U.S. stocks, we assume that you do a lot of research. This is most likely the first reason you visited the website.

Now you have a new opportunity. So far, using Questrade to convert Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars and vice versa, charging 1.5% to 1.99% in either direction has become a competitive option (at least better than banks calculated at 2.5%). Now you have the opportunity to use Remitbee Currency Exchange, with no fees.

If you only want to convert $100 in your life, it may not be worth the conversion - you will save $4 (about $2 each way), but once you start investing thousands of dollars, you may lose just on commission alone. Compared with Questrade fees, please note the following:
- Investing $1,000 in U.S. stocks: You may lose $40 in profits
- $50,000 of stocks: You may waste about 2,000 Canadian dollars


If you are a Canadian or American paying tuition abroad, you need to know the following:

In order to pay tuition, whether you are a Canadian in the United States or an American in Canada, you need to convert between US Dollars and Canadian Dollars. Consider the average international student tuition fees in Canada from 2020 to 2021, which was 32,019 CAD.

You may lose about $1,200 per year just because you choose a traditional institution such as a bank (according to the exchange rate on March 4, 2021 when converting USD to CAD).


You can buy real estate on either side of the border:

Whether you are shopping at a border like a snowbird, looking for a place to live in cold weather, or profiting by looking for investment in real estate on the other side, this is an important one to be decided. One of the most important decisions you need to make is to ensure that third parties do not make improper profits from your purchases.

Don’t let traditional institutions use your income by charging high interest rates. In 2020, the median house price in Canada is CAD 531,000. Compared with major banks, using Remitbee currency exchange can save $9,000.


Why use Remitbee for currency exchange?

Ten times better than the bank

Banks know that most people will not doubt the exchange rate they accept, so they avoid punishment at the cost of a low exchange rate. They are much lower than the actual exchange rate but most people don’t know.

The current exchange rate can be determined by a quick search on Google. Just enter “usd to cad” or “cad to usd” in the search box.

There are no hidden fees

There is no commission for exchanges fees of at least $10 between the two currencies and very competitive fees.

A company based in Canada

The Canadian company FINTRAC is an agency of the Canadian government, which regulates and verifies our currency exchange. Rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.

Do you have any questions? Our customer service will be happy to help you more.

There is nothing like making you feel frustrated with having to talk to a customer service representative who will provide you with general, drilled answers. We’ll let the positive customer reviews on Trustpilot and Google show how much we care about our customers.

Currency Exchange Near You

Use your mobile phone or laptop to quickly convert Canadian dollars to U.S. Dollars.

No long lines are required. Sit comfortably at home and use our website or our Android/iPhone app. Our service is fast and safe because it is a fully online currency exchange platform with strong data encryption functions.

We also cooperate with leading Canadian banks so that you can send money safely and conveniently.


Learn how to exchange currency in East York through the following six simple steps:

Step 1. Sign up for a free account: click here to register for a free account

Step 2. Verify your identity: In order to protect your identity, we need to make sure that you are yourself.

Step 3. Start exchange: Enter the amount to be exchanged and the currency pair sum.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account: Select the bank account you want to deposit or pay CAD into.

Step 5. Connect your U.S. bank account: Select the bank account to deposit or withdraw U.S. dollars

Step 6. Confirm your exchange: Please note that the money will be automatically exchanged and then added to your account.

More about currency exchange in East York

East York held the distinction of having a high percentage of senior citizens in Metropolitan Toronto for many years. However, a change in demographics has been evident as many young families are now moving into this neighborhood because of the relatively affordable homes and it’s quick and easy access to downtown Toronto. It has also become a major arrival point for many immigrants. There could be several reasons for currency exchange in this area so here are more options for you:

Deshi Foreign Exchange
3000 Av Danforth, East York, ON M4C 1M7

Wall Street Finance Canada
2972 Danforth Avenue E, East York, ON M4C 1M6

Cash Money
2966 Danforth Ave, Scarborough, ON M4C 1M6

Whatever you choose, Remitbee is just here for you. The best place to exchange currency is right in your own home.


We also provide the best remittance services to more than 50 destinations within Canada.

If you send more than $500 to more than 50 destinations (including Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka) there are no fees. Do you have less than $500 to send? You can also get low fees of $2.99 if you use Interac or $2.99-$6.99 if you use debit. Check out our commission calculator to compare it with other options.

In 2019, Toronto International Finance Corporation rated Remitbee as one of the leading fintech companies in the region. Besides the fact that we have zero fees for sending over $500, and low fees under $500, we offer very competitive exchange rates. Banks may advertise zero fees, but keep in mind that sometimes these fees are only hidden in their stated exchange rate.