Hey Google, find me the CAD to USD currency exchange near me. Scratch that. We’ve got you covered!

With Remitbee, you can get the best currency exchange rates in Calgary with streamlined exchange rates that consistently beat those of top banks.
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Remitbee’s great rates vs. other Calgary currency exchange services

At Remitbee, it’s our mission to make it easy for you to know just how much money you’ll save when you use our CAD to USD calculator. Our full transparency about this comes from our absolute confidence in our competitive exchange rates. Want to see for yourself? Please search up and compare our rates with other Calgary money exchanges. You’ll see that with us, the best exchange rates are guaranteed.

We have always believed that it’s unfair how certain financial institutions and banks continue to charge high fees when it comes to people’s foreign exchange needs. We were founded to disrupt that system.

Do you want to send money between Canada and the USA? Our online money exchange is the ideal solution for you if:

You’re located in Canada but have a salary in USD:

Globalization has made it easier than ever for individuals in other countries to work for companies abroad. What’s more, it’s becoming more and more common. No matter if they’re working for an United States employer or freelancing for one, no one wants to lose their hard-earned money because of unfair exchange rates and heavy fees. To give you some context, imagine you make a 50k salary per year. By choosing to use traditional foreign exchange providers like banks or some counters, you could be losing upwards of $2,000 from currency exchange fees.


You purchase American stocks from Canada:

If you’ve researched enough to know that there’s a decent advantage in buying US stocks, odds are you’ve researched other currency methods as well. Maybe that’s even why you’re reading this right now!

With us, you can have a new opportunity to get the best out of your invested profits. Before now, the “competitive option” for currency exchange meant converting your CAD to USD and vice versa using services like Questrade, which charges 1.5-1.99% both ways (better at least than banks, which ate up about 2.5%). But now, you can use Remitbee Currency Exchange and receive zero fees at all.

Small time trading of only $100 in your lifetime may not warrant the switch—it’ll only save you roughly 4 dollars — but the moment you begin investing in the thousands, your losses from just fees begin to exponentially steepen.

Here are some Questrade fees you should consider:
- US stocks worth $1000: That’s a potential loss of 40 CAD in profit.
- US stocks worth $50,000: Losses grow to around 2,000 CAD.


You’re cashing in tuition as an international student:

Whether you’re a Canadian student studying in the United States or an American studying in Canada, you’ll need to convert between the currency of your bank account and the currency of your tuition. With Canada's average tuition fees for international students during 2020-2021 being around 32,019 CAD, the losses from bad currencies rates will only add to your worries as a student.

It’ll be almost $1200 USD lost per year, just because the currency exchange is being done through a traditional institution like your bank (this estimate is based on March 4, 2021’s exchange rate for when you convert USD to CAD or convert CAD to USD).

With Remitbee, international currency exchange will no longer be something you need to worry about.


You buy real estate over the border:

If you’re buying property across the border because you travel seasonally like a snowbird and want a place to go when winter starts to chill the air, or if you want to earn some good money from investing in properties in your neighboring country, one of the most essential decisions you’ll commit to is deciding how to prevent a clever third party from profiting too much off your sale.

With the average house price in Canada being around 531,000 CAD in 2020, with Remitbee Currency exchange, you could be saving over $9,000 USD and also prevent banks and other financial institutions from profiting off you.


Why you can rest easy with Remitbee for your currency exchange needs

10x better than your regular bank

Banks and bad rates have gone hand in hand for years because most people don’t question the exchange rates they offer.Make sure to do your due-diligence. A simple Google search will show you all the real exchange rates, or the Canadian dollar rate today, or even CAD/USD rate forecasts. All you need to do is type “usd to cad” or “cad to usd”.

No fees. Ever.

Exchange a minimum of $10 between CAD and USD currencies and you’ll never see a single fee from us, we promise.


We are a foreign exchange service operating in both Calgary and greater Canada. We are as such regulated and audited by FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada. Which means you won’t have to worry about foreign loopholes that expose your money or information. With us, it’s all safe and secure.

Questions? Our all-star customer support team has you covered!

Ever experienced the frustration of talking to a customer service representative that gives you generic and rehearsed replies, ultimately not helping you at all? We have. That’s why “generic” doesn’t exist in our customer support team’s dictionary. Peek the stellar reviews on Trustpilot and Google to see proof!

Currency Exchange Near You

Skip the wait. Convert Canadian dollars to US dollars in seconds.

There’s no longer a need to wait in long lines at exchange counters or banks. Just connect to our service via our website or our Android/iPhone app and get instant access to our online currency exchange and money transfer services. What’s more, all our systems use impenetrable data encryption to keep all your information and data 100% secure.

Remitbee is also partnered with every major Canadian bank, so users can reliably and conveniently send money or use our money converter service with ease.


Exchange currency in Calgary in 4 Steps:

With Remitbee you need to pass different tiers of verification to be able to send higher amounts of money. To increase your sending limits you will need to provide your personal information and upload certain documents.

Step 1. Set up your Remitbee account: Create a free account by clicking here. After initial set up, you’ll be prompted to verify your identity by choosing whichever of our verification processes is most convenient for you.

Step 2. Start your currency exchange: Enter your desired amount, then choose the currency pair you’d like to exchange between.

Step 3. Connect your bank accounts: Connect the Canadina and United States bank accounts for paying with and depositing your money.

Step 4. Confirm: Our service exchanges money automatically and then deposits it into your chosen bank account. On your end, you just need to confirm its success!

More Currency Exchange in Calgary

There are many existing currency exchange services in Toronto. Located downtown Toronto at the Eaton’s centre is Calforex Currency Exchange, and Interchange Financial Currency Exchange is located further south near the Beaches. Just outside Union station is Firma Foreign Exchange, which is located very conveniently in the city.

Other local currency exchange services in Calgary and even near the Eau Claire neighborhood include the city International Currency Exchange (ICE) location, which can be found on 6th Ave SW, the Calforex Currency Exchange, Canex Forex Currency Services, or the Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange office.

But with Remitbee’s online currency exchange, all you need is a connection to the internet to access our service through the web or our app. Plus, our fees and rates are very affordable. Take the opportunity to check us out today!


Remitbee’s International Money Transfer Service

We also offer money transfers from Canada to over 50 different countries around the world. For transfers less than $500 you can enjoy Interac fees as low as $2.99 or debit fees of $2.99 t0 $6.99. But if you’re sending over $500, it’s fee-free! Take a look at our fee calculator if you’d like to compare options.