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10 times better than any bank or exchange shop, Remitbee offers great rates across Burlington and Canada, with no fees for transfers over $10! Check out our currency converter to see for yourself!
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Backed up by transparency

We’re proud of the rates we set and our virtual lack of fees, and we want our users to be as well! That’s why we make sure there’s transparency from our end to yours, so you can see that when we say we’ve got the best exchange rates around, we don’t lie!

Money conversion between Canada and the USA

We’ve got you covered for your salary conversion:

Many U.S. companies outsource their employees from other countries, especially Canada. After all, we have one of the most educated workforces in the world. So if you’re among the large demographic of Canadians working for international companies, you may have to face the dilemma of converting your salary to actually use it. And you earned the salary to get all of it, right? Tax already takes a cut, so why should your currency converter take another?

Your 50k annual salary, for example, could be $2,000 less after you run it through another company or bank’s converter, just because of their currency exchange fees. Not with Remitbee.


We’ve got you covered for stock investments:

There’s a reason why everyone knows about Wall Street, right? The U.S. stock market is a place for profit, so why should your own profits be limited to a single currency? We’ll help you convert your USD to CAD or vice versa, so instead of blowing 2.5% of your profits on converting through banks, or 1.5% to 1.99 percent through Questrade, you can rest easy with us with no fees at all.

Trading only $100 in your lifetime may not net you much in losses for converting elsewhere, but once you start investing in the thousands, those fees start to really hurt. 1,000 USD generates 40 CAD in fees, and 50,000 USD generates 2,000 CAD with Questrade! Ouch, right? Let’s help you avoid that.


We’ve got you covered for international tuition:

A student generally doesn’t want to hear the words “curved down”, but when it comes to your tuition expenses, curving up because of conversion fees is no good news! 32,000 CAD turns into 1,200 USD in additional fees. No wonder people miss high school! Remitbee lets you enjoy your postsecondary education without worrying about the drag of unnecessary tuition costs. Because with us, international currency exchange rates aren’t numbers we manipulate.


We’ve got you covered for estates across the border:

Snowbirds want to invest in a home away from home, and real estate agents always want to grab a good property while it’s still prime. Time is often of the essence, so why wait for a currency exchange service that doesn’t give you the best deal? Using Remitbee currency exchange for your home purchases could save you thousands compared to if you go to a bank or other service to change currencies.


Why us?

10x better than banks

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Banks and bad rates always go together. That’s why instead of the gullible and unknowing user that is taken advantage of, you should become informed. Run a Google search to find the actual exchange rate, the Canadian dollar rate today, or CAD/USD rate forecasts to help you get an idea what kind of exchange rates you should expect. You’ll see that the rates banks offer you are nowhere near them! We, on the other hand, always remain true to currency values and real rates, because we want our users to have the best service, all the time.

No fees. We mean it.

On top of very competitive rates, you’ll get to enjoy zero fees with Remitbee when you exchange a minimum of $10. Nothing hidden. Nothing additional. You’ll get the currency exchange you came for, not “the currency exchange you paid for”.


As a Burlington foreign exchange service founded in Toronto, we’ve always been proud to be Canadian. We’re regulated and audited by FINTRAC, the national financial intelligence agency of Canada, and so you can count on that Canadian foundation to uphold values of integrity and security. So you can have peace of mind that your money is protected with us.

Questions, answered

Any question you’ve got about our service, we’ll answer. Our customer service team is just a phone call away, waiting to help! The positive customer service reviews on Trustpilot and Google will let you know just how much we care for our customers and are here for you!

Currency Exchange Near You

Don’t waste a single second

Our service is a fully online currency exchange platform using impenetrable data encryption. That means fast, and that means secure. So if you’re a busy bee yourself, skip the commute, skip the long lines, and access Remitbee currency exchange from your phone or computer. And no matter what Canadian bank you’re with, you’ll have access because we’re partnered with them all.


Exchange currency in Burlington in 5 easy steps:

Step 1. Make an account: Create your free Remitbee account here.

Step 2. Verify your identity: To keep your identity and the rest of our platform safe, we need to verify it’s you.

Step 3. Start the exchange: Enter the amount and currency pair you want to convert.

Step 4. Connect your two bank accounts: Connect the bank accounts you’d like to use for CAD and USD withdrawal and deposit.

Step 5. Confirm success: Our service exchanges currency automatically and then deposits it. Please double check that the exchange was successful!

Other currency exchanges in Burlington

To name a few physical exchange counters in Burlington, you’ve got Continental Currency Exchange on Maple Avenue, Cash Money on Fairview Street, and at least two different Money Marts. There’s also numerous Canadian banks you can go to, if bad rates and high fees are your type of thing.

And unlike us, many online currency exchanges may process things slower, hide their fees, or convert poorly. So give Remitbee a go, and save money today!


We’ve got you covered for money transfers too

Interested in sending money anywhere around the world? Remitbee users can enjoy zero fees when you send over $500 to any of 50+ destinations, including the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. Sending less than that? There are very low fees of $2.99 using Interac or $2.99-$6.99 using debit, but you still have all-access to your destination of choice! See our fee calculator for all payment options.