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It’s easy. Simply use our CAD to USD calculator and you’ll see how much you’ll get. We’re completely straightforward about this since we take pride in our competitive exchange rates. Feel free to compare our rates with other Barrie money exchanges so you can guarantee that you’re getting the best exchange rates.

Charging high fees when it comes to your foreign exchange needs is unfair but certain financial institutions continue to do that even in such challenging times.

Need to send money between Canada and the USA? Remitbee online money exchange is the ideal solution if any of the accompanying concern you:

You get paid in US dollars but are based in Canada:

It’s getting progressively regular to work for a U.S. employer while living in Canada. You wouldn’t want to lose hard-earned money because of unfair exchange rates and fees whether you’re contracted by a U.S. employer or work as a freelancer.

Think about this, if you make a 50k salary per year but still prefer to use a more traditional foreign exchange provider such as your bank, you could be losing about $2,000 in currency exchange fees.


You acquire US stocks from Canada:

We’re assuming that since you take advantage of US stocks, you must’ve done a lot of research and probably why you’ve reached this page.

At present, you now have another chance to capitalize on your benefits.You can use Questrade in converting your CAD to USD and vice versa but you’ll be charged with 1.5-1.99 % both ways (it’s even a little better than bank because they charge about 2.5%). Or, you can use Remitbee Currency exchange and be charged with zero fees.

If you will only exchange $100 in your lifetime, it could be understandable not to make the change since it’ll only save you $4 (about $2 each way). But, what if you start to invest over the thousands?

Consider the following compared to Questrade fees:
- $1000 worth of US stocks: You could be missing out on around 40 CAD profit.
- $50,000 worth of US stocks: That’s about 2,000 CAD you could be losing


You’re a Canadian or an American paying educational costs abroad:

Say you need to convert between USD and CAD to pay tuition whether you’re a Canadian in the USA or an American in Canada. 32,019 CAD is Canada’s average tuition fees for international students from 2020-2021.

Yearly, $1200 USD could be gone for no reason at all besides for choosing a traditional institution like your bank. (according to March 4, 2021’s exchange rate when you convert USD to CAD)


Acquiring a property on either side of the border:

Are you a snowbird? So you’ve acquired a property across the border because you need a place to hide away during the winter? Or perhaps you want to earn by investing in properties on the other side? It is a significant choice to make. Making sure that a third party doesn’t earn so much off your purchase is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Do not allow traditional institutions to benefit off your deserved cash money with their unreasonable rates. The average home price in Canada was about 531,000 CAD in 2020. By using Remitbee Currency exchange for this purchase, you could be saving over $9,000 USD compared to top banks.


There are many choices for currency exchange. Why Remitbee?

10x better than the average bank

Most people will not question the exchange rates offered by the bank because of their trustworthy position in the community. However, what most people don’t know, the exchange rate that they offer is significantly lower than the real exchange rate.

The real exchange rate is available through a quick google search. Just type “usd to cad” or “cad to usd.”

There are no fees for sure!

The very competitive rate is just one thing. Another thing is that when you exchange a minimum of only $10 between the two currencies, you get to enjoy zero fees.

Established company in Canada

Our foreign exchange service is regulated and audited by FINTRAC, an agency of Canada’s government. A big assurance that your money is well protected.

Got questions? Our customer support team is always ready to help.

We understand the feeling of speaking to a customer service representative with universal replies. Our personal approach is revealed by customer reviews on Trustpilot and Google.

Currency Exchange Near You

Convert Canadian dollars to US dollars in a breeze using your phone or laptop

No more long lines. Both the website or the Android/iPhone app are accessible even as you sit comfortably in your own home. Our fully online currency exchange platform is fast and secure with impenetrable data encryption.

Our partnership with all major Canadian banks made our service reliable and convenient leaving you with no headaches after each transaction.


How to exchange currency in Barrie in 6 easy steps:

Step 1. Create a free account: click here to create an account.

Step 2. Verify your identity: We need to know it’s you, to keep your account safe.

Step 3. Start your exchange: Enter the amount and currency pair you want to exchange.

Step 4. Connect your Canadian bank account: Connect the bank account that you want to deposit your CAD into or pay CAD with.

Step 5. Connect your US bank account: Connect the bank account you want to deposit your USD into or pay USD with.

Step 6. Confirm your exchange: Note that the money will be exchanged automatically and then deposited.

More about currency exchange in Barrie

With Barrie being a place called home by almost 150,000 citizens plus visitors from other areas, there is definitely a demand for currency exchange. Here are your other options:

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44 Mapleview Drive West, Barrie, ON Tel: (705) 719-1181

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649 Yonge Street, Barrie, ON Tel: (705) 792-1990
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TD Canada Trust
33 Collier Street, Suite 100, Barrie, ON Tel: (705) 721-6001
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53 Ardagh Road, Barrie, ON Tel: (705) 722-5767

Whatever you choose, Remitbee is just here for you. The best place to exchange currency is right in your own home.

We offer the best money transfers in Canada to over 50 destinations as well.

There are no fees to pay when you send over $500 to more than 50 destinations, including Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka. What if you need to send less than $50? Our very low fees of $2.99 using Interac or $2.99-$6.99 using debit is what you can expect. To help you compare with other options, feel free to check out our fee calculator.

Toronto Finance International recognized Remitbee in 2019 as one of the top FinTech companies in the area. Imagine having very competitive exchange rates plus zero fees for sending over $500 and low fees for sending under $500, such a great deal. While banks may offer zero fees, oftentimes those are just hidden within their marked up exchange rates.