What to Do During Your First Week after you've moved to Canada

By Remitbee - Jul 16, 2021

When you move to a new country, you need to start over and set up a lot of things as soon as you arrive. When you have a huge checklist of things to do when you arrive, it's easy to become stressed about your move.

Don't worry, we're here to help. Here are the top things to do in Canada during your first week to help you settle in.

What to Do in Canada During Your First Week

Sort out Housing

First off, it’s important to have a stable and secure roof over your head. Listings will be available on websites such as Craigslist and Kijiji. It helps to make inquiries using a Canadian mobile phone. (see phone section below). Some landlords prefer tenants to have a credit history in Canada or local references. If you come across this, try to find a landlord who’s more flexible.

Get a SIN

The SIN or Social Insurance Number is something you’ll need for work and some bank accounts in Canada. It’s a nine-digit number that you can get pretty easily. You can apply for a SIN at any Service Canada location, and if the lines are short, you should be done in approximately half an hour. Make sure you bring your employment or study permit.

Bank Account

Banking in Canada can include fees that are more than you are accustomed to paying at home. However, it is critical to open an account so that you can handle bills and debit card payments and avoid potentially costly withdrawals from your home country. Keep in mind that each of these institutions often charges a monthly fee for their chequing accounts. Read our guide to bank accounts that are cheaper such as Tangerine, an online-only bank.

Get a Phone Plan

Yes, we understand that researching and comparing phone plans is not a pleasurable experience. It's even worse when you're jet-lagged and eager to explore your new surroundings and just enjoy being in Canada. However, if you have a local data plan and can navigate Google Maps, this adventure will be significantly easier. The sooner you buy a local phone, the less you'll have to pay roaming fees from your home operator. Do you research as even incoming calls can incur fees in Canada.

Get a Drivers Licence

The procedures for obtaining a Canadian driver's license change based on the province you live in. If you already have a driver's license in your native country, it may be easier to obtain one. Canada has reciprocal agreements with the United States, Ireland, and the Commonwealth countries. Bring a copy of your driving record from home with you when you travel to Canada. This document is required in many provinces to determine your driving experience and will make it much easier to obtain a driver's license in Canada.

Make New Friends

You've just made a journey that took you halfway around the globe. What a fantastic chance to make new friends and meet new people. You should begin to feel at ease once you have established a stable network of good friends and acquaintances. Making friends with people who share your hobbies is often better. Participate in classes or activities that you know you would enjoy. Alternatively, look for other people from your country in your city — there won't be a shortage of other immigrants no matter where you go! For groups of people who are similar to you, Facebook may be a valuable resource.

Most Of All, Have Fun

Now, the most important final thing to do in Canada is to have fun during your first week! You have arrived safely and now you can begin to explore. Think about why you chose to come to Canada in the first place. Do things that tourists do, rent a car for the weekend and go exploring. Do something you've always wanted to do. Make sure that you have at least one item you actually enjoy every day. It can be easy to forget how amazing this whole process actually is between the stress of ending your life back home and the pressure of starting your new Canadian life.

Starting Your New Life in Canada

At Remitbee we are immigrants just like you. We’ve been there and know the difficulties and joys of being in Canada. We want to help by offering you the chance to send money home at a great exchange rate, without the massive fees that banks and other services will charge you. Visit our homepage to see what we can do for you, or read our guide on how to send your first money transferwith Remitbee.

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