What are Automated E-transfers?

What are Automated E-transfers?

Remitbee has added another feature to make your transfer as easy and affordable as can be!

Introducing Automated E-Transfers

Tired of long manual wait times? With automated e-transfers, you can send funds to your Remitbee account in less than 30 mins.

Not only is this feature speedy it's cheap too! Move over debit - all e -transfers are free when you send $500 and over. If you need to send less there is a small fee of $2.99.

How Does It Work?

Using automated e-transfer to fund your Remitbee account is easy. Just follow these steps!

  1. Log in to your online banking and go to the e-transfer section.

  2. Set your recipient as RemitBee or create a new contact for us

  3. Set the recipient email as auto@remitbee.com

  4. In the message to the recipient, type your email 

  5. Send!