Ukruvi Steps and Remitbee Partner to Raise Money for Kids with Special Needs

By Remitbee - Jun 8, 2021

Remitbee is partnering with Ukruvi Steps to raise money for the Sivapoomi School For Children With Special Needs Intellectuals Disability, located in Kondavil, Sri Lanka, in the Jaffna district.

The Sivapoomi School was established in 2004 with an outset towards an acceptance process of differently-abled individuals through education. The school works towards supporting and training students to succeed in life with dignity. It strives to encourage Sri Lankan society to continue to progress towards a nurturing and accommodating attitude towards these individuals.

Sivapoomi is now home for over 106 differently-abled children ranging from 7 to 34 years of age. The independent needs of students and children are cared for by 15 trained teachers. Individualized training programs include special exercise classes, vocational training and certain sports activities. The progress of children is continuously monitored and their developmental program is adjusted as needed.

Here’s how Remitbee and Ukruvi Steps are helping:

Beginning June 1st, 2021, our goal is to create a worldwide effort in motivating people to get out of their homes and exercise through walking while bringing exposure to support Sivapoomi. Participants are to walk 10,000 steps each day in hopes of accomplishing the targeted 1 million steps by the 100th day (September 6th, 2021).

Anyone is eligible to participate in the event, no matter where they reside. Participants are encouraged to join the event’s Whatsapp group: Ekuruvi Steps 2021 . Within this group, members will post the number of steps (8,000 to 10,000) they’ve walked each day in order to be encouraged and recorded for 100 days.

With the increase in publicity and fundraising, Remitbee will donate $5 CAD for every donation sent through the company while providing free of charge transfers for all donations with coupon code: ekuruvi2021

Donations can be made by signing up for a Remitbee account and sending a transfer to

Sivapoomi Trust , Kondavil , Jaffna

Commercial Bank Jaffna | Acc . No : 1060016510


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