Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Calgary

By Remitbee - Jan 26, 2022

Unlike other cities in Canada, Calgarians enjoy more days of sunshine–333 days annually! Due to low crime rates and ideal cost of living, Calgary is one of the best cities in Canada for Indian immigrants. According to the latest data , there are around 50,000 Indian citizens in Calgary Metropolitan Area. This population includes temporary workers and students.

That is why, if you love to taste different Indian dishes such as biryani, samosa, dosa, butter chicken, and lamb rogan josh, one of the best places to be is in Calgary, Alberta.

If you are planning to go to a restaurant-hopping this weekend, this article is for you. We have searched the depths of the internet and compiled the top 5 Indian restaurants in Calgary. Here, you can taste the most mouthwatering and authentic Indian dishes made from the freshest ingredients using traditional and modern cooking techniques that bring out the multitude of flavors that make Indian dishes truly stand out.

An Authentic Taste of India in Calgary, Alberta

5. Masala Bhavan South Indian Cuisine

Address: 4606 37 St. SW #33A, Calgary. AB T3E 3C9
Phone: 403-460-4535

Since 2015, Masala Bhavan has been serving its guests meticulously prepared Indian dishes. The restaurant’s chef is a Certified Red Seal chef with more than 15 years of international experience at five-star hotels and restaurants in Europe, Canada, and Asia. This restaurant has won the “Best in Category” in Calgary 2020.

As an award-winning restaurant with award certified and experienced chefs, you can expect that each dish that goes out of their kitchen to your table is stunning, delicious, and fulfilling. Their menu includes special lunch combos, starters, soups, non-vegetarian dishes, vegetarian dishes, bread, rice, sides, kid’s corner special, kothu paratha, dum biryani, live dosai corner, masala bhavan rava dosai, uthappam, Indo-Chinese, Desserts, and Beverages.

Must-try: Korma, Butter Chicken, Lamb Madras, Chicken Curry, Naan, Lamb Vindaloo, and Aloo Gobi

4. Gate of India Fine Indian Cuisine

Address: 500 Country Hills Blvd. NE #311, Calgary, AB T3K 5H2
Phone: 403-764-4283

If you want to know how Indian food should be, you should enter the Gate of India, which will bring you to a whole new world of flavor. This restaurant offers Bangladeshi-style Indian cuisine. Their tandooris have been a favorite by their guests, and they are truly to die for. Once you’ve tasted their dish, you will keep coming back for seconds, thirds, even fourth servings.

This restaurant is also a perfect venue to dine with your family, friends, and colleagues for intimate celebrations or business meetings. Politicians, Diplomats, TV personalities, sports players, and professors from different universities have graced this restaurant. So, you can be sure that the quality of their food and service is simply top-notch.

Must-try: Butter Chicken, Daal Makhani, Paneer Lababdar, Chicken Bhartha, Bhara Tiki, Lamb Kadai, and Manchrian

3. Tamarind East Indian Restaurant

Address 1110 Panatella Blvd. NW#610, Calgary, AB T3K 0G6
Phone: 403-731-0001

Taste the elevated cuisine from the streets of Northern India at Tamarind East Indian Restaurant. This restaurant has received many accolades from different food critics and websites. This restaurant ticks all the boxes in what makes a best Indian restaurant truly the best.

The chefs from Tamarind East Indian Restaurant serve flavorful Indian dishes using quality ingredients. Their menu includes appetizers, poultry, meat, vegetables, seafood, barbecue tandoori, rice and noodles, bread, alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, specialty beers, and specialty cocktails.

Must-try: Hakka Chicken Noodles, Tikka Masala, Spinach Tikki, Bublys Cream Chicken, Pakora, and Kadai Lamb

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2. Hyderabadi Kitchen

Address: 2442 23 Ave. NE, Calgary, AB T2E 8J4
Phone: 403-717-3700

Hyderabadi Kitchen is one of the newest Indian restaurants in Calgary that you should try. Though they are new in the business, they have won the hearts of many foodies with their authentic Indian dishes that hit close to home. Their chefs created a special menu that will transport you to Indian homes, feeling the warmth of an Indian family’s hospitality. There’s no need to travel to India to taste homemade and filling traditional Indian food. Head over to Hyderabadi Kitchen, and you will certainly fall in love with Indian food over and over again.

Their menu includes:

  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers.
  • Appetizers combo platter.
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian biryanis.
  • Biryani family pack.

Must-try: Chicken Tikka, Chicken and Mutton Biryani, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken Mint Kebab, and Cut Mirchi Bhajjis

1. Om Cuisine of India

Address: 13 Southland Crescent SW #119, Calgary, AB T2W 0K3
Phone: 88 403-984-2896

Om Cuisine of India serves nothing but the best. This casual Indian dining restaurant serves East Indian and Indo-Chinese cuisine that highlights authentic flavours and traditional cooking methods that produce excellent food that you will love. If you’ll be dining with family, friends, and colleagues, you can order from their party packs. If you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can also avail of their catering services.

Their menu includes appetizers (vegetarian and non-vegetarian), Indian street food, tandoori specials, vegetarian specials, entrees, Indo-Chinese specialties, Chef’s specials, bread, rice specialties, sides, desserts, and beverages.

Must-try: Korma, Butter Chicken, Lamb Chops, Lamb Madras, Chicken Curry, Naan, Samosa, and Onion Bhaji

Visit these top 5 Indian restaurants in Calgary. Afterwards, you will have a newfound appreciation not only for Indian food but also for the culture and long tradition that these chefs had to learn to make the Indian cuisine thrive not just in India but all around the world. Without a doubt, you will certainly get your money and time’s worth when you visit these restaurants in Calgary.

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