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By Remitbee - Feb 9, 2022

At first glance, trading appears to be a simple business. However, becoming a trader demands specific acquired skills and knowledge, especially the timing of trade and the analysis of stocks - that is, to understand the right time to trade and the price and intrinsic value of stocks.

Over the last half-decade, the trading markets have risen dramatically, and many are left wondering which trading platform can help them succeed in their trading endeavours.

Many online trading platforms (sometimes referred to as online brokers) in different countries worldwide have established systems that make buying and selling stocks and other assets easier.

In Canada alone, there are multiple online trading platforms in operation. However, this article will look at one of the new trading platform extensions of one of Canada's top 10 online brokers called TD Easy trade.

What is TD Easy Trade?

TD is the abbreviation for Toronto-Dominion. TD Easy Trade (formerly TD GoalAssist) is an attribute of one of the largest online brokers in Canada today called TD Direct Investing. It was formerly known as TD Greenline, a division of TD Waterhouse, a subsidiary of Toronto-Dominion Bank. It was the first bank-owned self-directed brokerage in Canada.

TD Easy Trade, as part of the service provided by TD Direct Investing, aims at helping novice investors launch their investing careers while simultaneously learning the basics of investing. It also focuses on simplifying the trade experience of both intermediate and expert investors with its easy-to-use and manageable mobile app! How does it work?

All the services provided by TD Direct Investing are implemented in TD Easy Trade using their mobile app. The mobile application's whole purpose is for convenience and easy accessibility. This idea came about because of the rise of 'do-it-yourself' trading, especially among people with no background in finance and trading.

Some of its provided trade services for investments include stocks, Mutual funds, GIC's (Guaranteed Investments Certificates), ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and Options. More importantly, the process of placing trades is made easily accessible by utilizing its three simple methods:

  • Quick launch menu
  • Trade Card
  • Goals card

For instance, the Quick Launch Menu facilitates trade tickets anywhere and anytime - when doing market orders or limited orders and even extensive directives preventing significant trade losses.

Getting started with TD Easy Trade

TD Easy Trade makes trading and investing more accessible for non-traders who have little or no experience in the industry to get started. The TD Easy Trade mobile app simplifies the buying and selling of stocks and ETFs by removing the need for jargon and procedures.

Getting a TD Easy Trade account would mean downloading the mobile app since it doesn't have a website. You can start your trade just with the tap of your finger. Keep tabs on essential investments and create your watchlist to monitor the performance of stocks and ETFs!

Features and Benefits

TD Easy Trade offers the service of Learning Centers, Goal-assist, and e-Service funds. Their learning centers are focused on educating clients on their investing journey. To which they provide:

  • Video lessons with courses for beginner investors, portfolio management, and WebBroker Essentials
  • Masterclasses include interaction with instructors to guide you
  • Webinars include special guest speakers and industry specialist

The TD Easy Trade, Goal-assist, and e-Service funds services are targeted in helping you track your performance to meet your goals and assisting you to build a diverse portfolio by commission-free assets which are cheap and convenient!

The goal assist feature helps you set goals by sketching out, tweaking, and adjusting your investing plans while witnessing your goals grow into fruition. TD Easy Trade offers multiple one-click ETF portfolios, which assemble an automated portfolio into a single investment as part of its service.

At the moment, clients who don't have any banking affiliations with the TD Canada Trust don't have the accessibility yet to add money to their accounts. However, this feature will launch a couple of months from now.

TD Easy Trade and Currency Exchange

Having access to a U.S. dollar account at Easy Trade means that you can buy and sell American stocks, bonds and other assets without having to worry about conversion fees and rates. You can deposit USD and buy and sell as you wish.

On the other hand, TD Easy Trade charges a conversion rate if you want to purchase or sell American with your Canadian currency account. All of this could add up to a loss of earnings in the long run!

Any investor, novice or experienced, may benefit from the opportunities and benefits that TD Easy Trade has to offer right now. More features to make trading more convenient are continually being added.

How to Save on Currency Exchange with TD Easy Trade

Make full use of TD Easy Trades USD accounts by converting your currency beforehand with Remitbee currency exchange. An alternate solution for converting Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars (or vice versa.

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