Is it Worth Moving to the USA from Canada?

By Remitbee - May 3, 2022

There is no direct answer to whether it is worth moving to the USA from Canada or vice versa. After all, it will depend on your reasons, goals, and other factors. There are many reasons why people move either to USA or Canada. For some, moving to the USA is one way to fulfill their American dream. Some move to Canada to pursue higher education and land high-paying job.

If you are contemplating moving either to Canada or the USA, this article will help you see the advantages and disadvantages of both countries. May this article help you decide which one suits you best and help you reach your personal goals in life.

A Realistic View of Life in America

Here are the pros of living in the USA:

US healthcare is among the very best

The USA has well-funded hospitals, trained staff, and medical innovation. So, when you move here, expect that you will get the best medical treatment possible. Aside from medical, the USA also leads in dental care.

US has a strong economy

The USA can weather global depressions and financial crises thanks to its economic strength. The US dollar is also the primary reserve currency in the world, so you can be assured of the country’s stability. The country also has the highest average household income in the world.

Amazing work opportunities

Only 5.5 percent of Americans are unemployed. The US is also among the top countries globally that seek the best talents for their workforce to boost their business. So if you give your best in the work that you do, expect that you can enjoy job security and satisfaction in the USA.

Leisure travel opportunities

The USA has a lot to offer if you love travelling. There are plenty of cityscapes and natural wonders in the country so you will never be bored, especially on long holidays at your work. Whether it's summer, spring, autumn, or winter, you will appreciate the country's beauty.

On the other hand, here are some of the cons of living in the USA:

A car is essential

Living in the USA without a car is difficult because places here are often far from one another. For example, residential areas may be far from commercial and business hubs. Public transport can be less comfortable and more expensive so it is best to invest in a car.

Tipping is customary

Giving a tip in the US is the custom. Tip given in the USA is often 10 to 15 percent of your total bill. If you don’t give a tip, you may be judged by the staff and other customers. You may also experience a bad experience with them in the future.

Property prices are high

Real estate and utilities are expensive in the USA. Living here also means paying a relatively high monthly tax. Maintaining your home can be a bit pricey too if you live in the USA, and it can feel like you’re also paying monthly rent though you own a home.

Food can be expensive

The USA is known for fast food. If you love to eat healthily, it can be costly on your part. Because fast food is readily available in the US, eating a healthy meal can also be a challenge if you live here.

Taxes if often not included on the price list

Don’t be fooled by the price list indicated on the products you see in stores. Often, items here are 8 percent more expensive than what is indicated on the price list.

A Realistic View of Living in Canada

If you are interested in living in Canada, here are some of the advantages that you will experience:

Easier access to healthcare

Health insurance premiums are cheaper in Canada. Individuals often pay about $5,000 and families about $9,000 per year to access quality healthcare. This fee is more affordable compared to other countries.

Low crime rate

Compared to the US, which has the 30th highest crime rate globally, Canada ranks 53rd. So, you can be assured that Canada is a safer option, especially if you live alone or with your family.

Affordable education

Similar to the US, the public-school program in Canada does not require any donation from the parents of the students. While college and university tuition fees in Canada can be a bit higher, obtaining an advanced degree in Canada is easier compared to the United States.

Canadians are polite

Canadians are welcoming, kind, and polite. If you need help, Canadians will be happy to assist you in any way possible. Canada also has a strong sense of community, so you will find a family here even if you are an immigrant.

Rent fees are affordable

Rent is cheaper in Canada by 26 percent compared to the US. Though some provinces in the country have expensive rent, you can find small towns in Canada where you can find affordable rental homes and houses for sale.

Here are some of the challenges of living in Canada:

Expensive lifestyle

Food and clothing can be a considerable expense in Canada. However, you can spend a reasonable amount on food and clothing based on your financial situation with proper budgeting.

Unfavourable exchange rate

There are plenty of currency exchange providers in Canada. However, not all of them give a close to the market exchange rate. As a result, online shopping can be difficult at times, especially if you’re not using a domestically based retailer and have US dollars with you.

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