How to Send Money From Canada to the USA

What is the Best Way to Send Money to the US from Canada?

Sending money abroad is an ever-growing trend. It is popular among both entrepreneurs and immigrants.

Many immigrants come to North America with the dreams of making new lives for themselves and giving back to their families overseas who have supported them in making this dream come true. Since families grow and spread out, many send money to family members both near and far.

On the flip side, many digital entrepreneurs are seeking the most talented contractors to help them out, so location limitations no longer exist. Many Canadians are hiring specialists in the United States and are looking for the most efficient way to pay them.

These two groups of people have two different interests in sending money abroad, but there are a few things they share. They want an online money transfer service that is fast, efficient, and secure.

Remitbee has developed the best way to send money from Canada to the US and beyond.

Our secure online money transfer platform allows users to send money to over 70 countries in as little as two business days. You can send money from your computer, tablet, or smartphone via our website or mobile app.

The Remitbee Wallet, a feature of our app, is perfect for money transfer on the go. We know that sending money is important, so we’ve done our best to make it as convenient as possible.

Ways To Send With Remitbee

There are four main payment methods with Remitbee: Visa Debit Card, Mastercard Debit Card, Interac Online, and Remitbee Wallet.

Our clients’ preferred payment method is the Remitbee Wallet. The Remitbee Wallet offers both the most convenient and lowest rates.

As we mentioned, this is a feature of our free mobile app. You can add funds to your Remitbee Wallet with several payment methods.

The best part? Transfers over $500 are absolutely free.

How to Find the Exchange Rate

One of the biggest things to consider when sending money to the US from Canada is the exchange rate. The mid-market exchange rate is always fluctuating, but the past few months have been particularly volatile.

Google has a powerful exchange rate tool. All you have to do is search “CAD to USD” and the tool will pop up. You can enter the dollar amount on either side of the conversion table to see the equivalent amount.

Right now, $1.00 CAD equals about $0.73 USD. As we said, this rate is constantly changing so just keep that in mind.

We keep our exchange rates as close to the mid-market exchange rate as possible to give you the best deal every time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sending Money with Remitbee

Remitbee has made choosing a money transfer platform to send money from Canada to the US easy. We’re highly trusted in our community because of our safe and efficient transfer services.

However, we understand that you might have a few additional questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions about sending money to the United States with Remitbee.

Is It Safe to Send Money To the US from Canada?

Security is our priority. Every penny you send is protected by state-of-the-art encryptions and security protocols. It is really, really safe to send money with Remitbee.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Money from Canada to the US?

Remitbee offers a few different ways to send money. Please check out our interactive fees tool to see how much it would cost to send your intended amount with your preferred transfer method.

However, we must add that we pride ourselves on our low fees, so no matter which method you choose, you need not worry about breaking the bank.

Can I Spend Money On An App?

Yes! Remitbee has a mobile app available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. You can also send money right on our website.

Have any additional questions about sending money from Canada to the US?

Contact our support team, and they will point you in the right direction.

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