How the Furniture Bank gives free furniture to those who need it!

By Remitbee - Jun 6, 2022

Picture this: you finally have the apartment you've been searching for. It's perfect and within your budget. But there's one small problem. You can't afford furniture. How are you supposed to live like a normal person without a bed, couch, or table? This is the reality for many people in Toronto living in what is known as furniture poverty.

What is Furniture Bank Toronto?

While 50,000 people in Toronto live without furniture every year, Furniture Bank Toronto is working hard to ensure everybody has access to the essentials.

At Furniture Bank, they understand that a home isn't truly a home until it's furnished. They also know that furniture can be expensive, and sometimes people need a little help getting started.

The Furniture Bank is a nonprofit organization that provides quality furniture to those in need, including the formerly homeless, women fleeing violence, and immigrants with little income. People can "shop" for furniture at the Furniture Bank warehouse and access an interior designer for tips.

When was it established?

This furniture bank was established in 1998. Community members give gently used furniture and household products to the furniture bank — a nonprofit organization and a social enterprise. The funds earned by the operation of the furniture removal service as a social company are used to assist charitable activities aimed at reducing furniture poverty.

Things to remember when donating to Furniture Bank

If you're donating furniture in Toronto, you should keep a few things in mind. When evaluating a donation of furniture or appliances, Furniture Bank Toronto assesses the three primary factors:

Do you think it's in good condition?

Even if every item donated will be evaluated, make sure that any given item must be free of stains, tears, and odours. All donated items must be in good order. They may be interested in your items if you are willing to donate them to a family member or friend in their existing condition.

Is there any assembly or disassembly required for the item?

Their clientele is typically downsizing to smaller residences. Many people do not even have simple hand tools. One method they want to make moving in and setting up their new digs as easy as possible for new neighbours is to provide them with assemble-free furniture that will fit in their units.

Is it something that families would benefit from having?

They can only accept a limited quantity of donated products for their customers' sake. This category includes tables, sofas, armchairs, and other home furnishings. You can see the complete list of items Furniture Bank accepts and cannot accept here.

How does it work?

Do you have furniture or appliance in your home that you believe is taking up too much space but isn't used regularly? With Furniture Bank Toronto, you can repurpose your old furniture and cartons of household goods and donate them to families in need!

Furniture Bank ensures that your donated furniture items are gathered and given to the many people who are still in need of a furnished home during this crisis by using the Furniture Bank approach.

1. Fill out the booking form

If you think you have things at home that are not regularly used, you can give them to those in need! You can donate items such as essential furniture and large appliances.

2. Call and make arrangements for pickup and payment

After receiving your booking inquiry, a Furniture Bank Toronto staff member will call you with a cost estimate in less than a minute.

They handle the cash upfront to keep the operation as contact-free as possible. You will be receiving a tax receipt for the fair market value of your furniture as a consequence of your thoughtful donation.

3. Prepare your furniture for pickup

After making a call and arrangement, you can now leave your furniture in a garage or anywhere near you for hassle-free pickup. Your items must be labelled "FURNITURE BANK." The Furniture Bank promises to keep a distance due to COVID 19 health protocols.

4. The Furniture Bank collects your furniture

Furniture Bank will notify you by email and text when they arrive. They will let you know when they're finished and out of the way, ensuring they follow all safety precautions.

5. Returns to the Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank will receive your furniture and evaluate if it needs to be repaired. They have a list of ready-to-go supplies to assist families in need.

6. The Furniture Bank will fix your items in their workshop if necessary

Furniture Bank refurbishes and recycles things that require assistance before providing them to needy families at their workshop and through their social enterprise Leg-Up Program.

How do I get Furniture Bank Toronto furniture?

The Furniture Bank assists families and individuals, refugees and newcomers who do not have enough money to purchase furniture. To receive an item from Furniture Bank Toronto, you must first have a recommendation or be referred by one of their partner agencies, as you cannot book an appointment with Furniture Bank.

If you have a social assistance agency worker, please inquire if the agency is a Furniture Bank Partner. If this is your case, your worker will notify you. You can visit their website at

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