How Remitbee Makes It Easy For Filipino Canadians To Send Money Home

How Remitbee Makes It Easy For Filipino Canadians To Send Money Home

Here at Remitbee Online Money Transfer, we’re just reminiscing over the Philippines Festival Mississauga. We loved taking part in and supporting the Filipino community.

We’ve written this quick article so you can share in the joy too, celebrating your Filipino heritage in Canada and supporting your family back home. It’s easy.

Easy to Access

We make our remit services very easy to access via our app or online. You can use your smartphone (both Apple and Android) or login to your Remitbee account online.

Remitbee collaborates with leading Filipino banks in the Philippines, including LandBank and BDO. We’ve ensured that all of our customer’s families can easily and quickly access their funds at geographically dispersed local branches. Cash pick-up points and bank depositing facilities are now available for your family across the Philippines.

Our customer support team is equally easy to access. As are our fees and rates. We’re nothing but transparent about the security and costs of our services.

The easier it is for you to access, the easier it will be for you to send money to the Philippines – even when you’re in a rush!

Easy to Afford

Not to brag, but our remit deal is one of the best. When you send money to the Philippines via the My Wallet payment option, and you’re sending more than $500, you won’t pay any fees. None. At all.

That’s our promise.

We also have the money-back guarantee – if your money doesn’t reach your family’s bank for whatever reason, we’ll refund you the full amount and any fees you paid. It’s easy to afford Remitbee when you know that your money is always in safe hands. Check out the Fees to send money to the Philippines.

Easy to Do

Once you’ve signed up and verified your identity (which you only have to do once) you can send money in just a few taps. Online remitting services are the fastest way to send money to the Philippines and the easiest to do. It’s also easy to feel secure. We take security seriously, even when we’re off enjoying the Philippines Festival Mississauga. That’s why all transactions are encrypted and sent securely to the Philippines.

Easy for Your Family

Finally, it’s easy for your family when you send them money with Remitbee. The cherry on top is our quick transfer times. It takes as little as 4 banking hours for that money to travel from your Canadian bank account to the local bank branch where you family can withdraw it.

You could say that our remittance times are the bullet train of the online money transfer world!

Find out how Remitbee can help you and your Filipino family by signing up for an account.

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