Gifts Ideas for Mexican Families

By Remitbee - Nov 3, 2021

La Familia. Latin American s tend to hold great regard for their families, and the interactions and gatherings of the family are essential in many cultures, especially for Mexicans. When one visits another family’s house or comes back to their own house after a long time, it’s somewhat of a custom to bring gifts.

If you’ve found yourself anticipating such an occasion, but have no ideas what to bring, or what to send back to your family as you live or work overseas, then here is a list of gifts to help you!

High-Quality Bed Sheets

Everyone needs to sleep, so why not invest in sleeping in comfort? Gifting a bed may be a little difficult to do, but gifting some high-quality bed sheets from abroad for a Mexican family who may not have access to the same products is fine! Bed sheets as a gift show thoughtfulness and consideration, and best of all, they're useful.

One thing to be mindful of when buying bed sheets is that Mexican bed sizes are different from those in Canada or the U.S. If you know what kind of bed the recipient has, you’ll need to make sure you get the correct size of sheets. When in doubt, you can always buy large, unfitted bed sheets so they cover the mattress.

If the family you are giving the gift to is not your own, keep in mind that this type of gift is a bit personal.

Self-Care Products

Living in Canada where so many things are so easily available, it’s hard to consider life without things like Q-Tips, shaving cream, scented lotions or perfumes. If members of your gifting family like to groom, dress up, or smell particularly fruity for example, you may want to consider buying them some of those items, especially if certain brands that sell them don’t operate in Mexico or in the particular city or town where the family lives.


Different countries, different cultures, different foods. Sending a family in Mexico some snacks from Canada can be a fun experience all around. You get to choose snacks (and maybe eat some for yourself too) and they get to sample snacks they may never have tried before. From dill-flavoured sunflower seeds to Reese cups and peanut butter, you’d be surprised what kinds of snacks they might love to try! What’s more, chocolate is always a favourite, and if you’re sending from Canada, you can even consider sending maple syrup.

Kids Toys

If your Mexican family has children who still play with toys, consider getting them some from Canada! Disney toys in particular are harder to come by in Mexico than in Canada or the U.S. and are likely to be a great hit with children anywhere.

A word of safety advice is to always consider the size and pieces of a toy and the age of the child you are giving it to. More complicated toys tend to be better for older children, and larger, simpler toys are better for younger ones.


If you have a bit more money in your budget for gifts, you can also buy your family some technology. If they like music, for example, you can buy them an iPod, MP3 player, boombox, some good-quality headphones, or even some records and a turntable.

A laptop for a teen or young adult could also be a great gift, especially since not all brands distribute to Mexico. With the pandemic and the integration of even more things online, having the tools to work or learn remotely has become essential, and the receivers of these gifts will likely appreciate them greatly.


The larger it is, the more expensive and the more likely it is to get damaged during transit. A small, tasteful piece of art or figurine can go a long way in demonstrating your taste and appeasing the taste of the person receiving the gift. Even better, if you’re familiar with what kind of art the person or family you’re sending the gift to likes, it’ll be easier to pick something! Sometimes this type of gift can even include posters from bands, places, or celebrities they like.


A souvenir is a keepsake or a remembrance. The noun souvenir stems from the French souvenir, meaning “to remember, come to mind”. If you’re sending your gifts from a country your gifting family has never been to before, this could make a great gift! Souvenirs can be anything from pictures of you at tourist locations, to keychains, cards, apparel, stickers, books, etc. They also serve as a way to let the people you are gifting to understand that while you were here, you were thinking of there, and them.


Sometimes money by itself goes a long way. While many people hesitate to give money as a gift to others, it’s not a very bad idea. Sometimes people would rather have money than a souvenir because money is useful. Furthermore, gifts don’t pay the bills. Giving someone money also gives them the ability to buy what they want. You would just be covering the cost.

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Whatever gift you may choose to send, we wish you the best of luck in conveying your feelings to your Mexican family!

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