Budget Travel Tips: Visiting the USA

By Remitbee - Nov 15, 2021

The USA is not a cheap country to visit. Travellers would often comment that a budget between 100 USD to 250 USD per day . This budget depends on your travel lifestyle, places in the country you will travel to, tourist destinations you plan to visit, the month you plan to visit the country, and how long you plan to stay in the US.

In 2019, statistics show that about 20.72 million Canadians visited the USA. Are you one of the Canadian residents who plan to set foot (probably again) in the US finally who will welcome fully vaccinated Canadians and Mexicans starting November 8, 2021? If so, may these tips help you plan your trip without going bankrupt?

Tips to Visit the USA on a Budget

1. Month

Typically, January, February, October, and November are the most affordable months you can visit the USA since flights are cheaper.

2. City and State

Miami, New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Chicago are the cities and states that tourists often visit when they go to the USA. But if you are on a budget, Portland in Oregon, Nashville in Tennessee, and Austin in Texas are great alternatives and cheaper cities you can include in your trip itinerary.

3. Transportation

When visiting the USA, you will save a lot if you walk or take the public transit system if you plan to go around the city and see its sights. So make sure that you pack a pair of comfortable walking shoes or know how to reach your destination via bus, train, or other public transport options.

4. Accommodation

If you stay in the USA, you will save about 30 to 40 percent of your budget when you book on a vacation home, apartment, or Airbnb versus staying in a hotel. It will also be ideal to choose an accommodation that provides at least one meal for the day, such as breakfast.

It is also best to choose a rental home that allows you to cook your meals and have laundry facilities. When talking with the property owner or manager, don’t be shy to negotiate the price.


When going around the US, it is best to pack your meals instead of always eating out at restaurants. If you want to treat yourself to a proper meal at a restaurant, remember that meals during lunchtime are always cheaper than dinner time.

The Ultimate Secret to Saving Money When You Visit the USA

Many Canadians and other tourists carefully plan their itinerary to make sure that they will maximize their time and money when visiting the States. However, one mistake that many people, even Canadians, commit is not thinking about foreign currency exchange.

The major expense Canadians spend when they visit the US is currency exchange. Currently, 1 USD is equivalent to 1.25 CAD. This is the ideal rate. However, if you don’t choose the best way to exchange your USD before going to the USA, you will lose money on low exchange rates and high fees.

Exchanging currencies on the airport kiosks, at private forex companies, or using your credit and debit cards will only cost you money. These options offer lower than the market currency exchange rates and have higher fees. So if you want to maximize your money, it is ideal to know your best option in exchanging your CAD for USD.

Presenting: RemitBee Foreign Currency Exchange Service

When it comes to currency exchange, RemitBee’s foreign currency exchange service offers the best exchange rate that is 10 times better than what banks offer. Plus, exchange fees are free when you change currencies using RemitBee! That is simply amazing, and you can’t get that service anywhere.

When you exchange CAD to USD using RemitBee when you visit the USA, it is recommended that you have both CAD and USD bank accounts. RemitBee’s currency exchange allows you to convert your USD between banks accounts; that is why it is best to have USD and CAD bank accounts.

The following are the best USD accounts for Canadians:

  • Tangerine US Savings Account

  • TD Bank US Daily Interest Chequing Account

  • Bank of Montreal US Dollar Premium Rate Savings Account

  • CIBC USD Personal Account

  • RBC US High-Interest eSavings

The following are the best USD credit cards for Canadians:

  • RBC US Dollar Visa Gold

  • Scotiabank US Dollar Visa

  • BMO US Dollar Mastercard

  • TD US Dollar Visa

  • CIBC US Dollar Aventura Gold Visa

    Simple Steps in Exchanging CAD to USD Using RemitBee

Aside from high forex rates and zero fees, exchanging currencies using RemitBee is 100 percent done online! With just a few clicks on your smartphone, you can start exchanging currencies wherever you may be. Here are the simple steps to exchange currencies using RemitBee.

Step 1: Download the RemitBee app, sign up, and verify your account.

Step 2: Select USD currency and the amount of money you will exchange

Step 3: Connect your Canadian bank accounts

Step 4: Confirm your details and exchange your CADs.

Step 5: Wait for your newly converted funds to arrive in your bank account after 2 business days.

RemitBee believes that every cent matters, especially if you want to maximize your money’s potential. Enjoy your fantastic trip to the USA without breaking the bank when you choose RemitBee as your trusted partner in foreign exchange.

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