Alberta Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers (Again)

By Remitbee - May 12, 2022

On May 1st, the Alberta government started to accept temporary foreigners to work in Alberta again. It only means that foreigners are welcome to submit job applications, and employers can subcontract a worker from abroad.

If we can all remember, Alberta has previously announced restrictions on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, temporarily imposing limits on companies hiring foreigners. Aside from that, previously submitted applications will be processed again.

This decision has been made to respond to the labour catastrophe that Canadian companies, particularly in Alberta, have faced lately. Because of the shortage of qualified individuals to take on vacant jobs, the Albertan government lifted the ban to attract foreign workers to fill the vacancies.

As of now, there are over 88,000 job vacancies in the province. Foreigner applicants are expected to surge after the lift, and the labour shortage will be fixed in no time. As Canada’s 4th richest province, Alberta is an actively working economy filled with opportunities. No wonder it faced a workforce shortage after they stopped foreigner applications.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program was established to address labour shortages, something which Canada is susceptible to. Unlike the usual contract with foreign employees, the TFWP gives more freedom both to the worker and employer.

The worker can look and apply for other vacant positions to be taken after the contract. At the same time, the employer does not need to bind under a permanent or “more committed” relationship with costly benefits and whatnot. Typically, the contract only lasts for up to 6 months, but by that time, workers may already have enough money to fund possible residence, visa extension, and a new job to live on.

Under this program, though, employers must submit a TFWP application to the government and prove that there is indeed a labour shortage. Both the employer applicant and authorities will assess if the hiring will affect Canada’s labour market positively– or not– before the application can be approved and the company can continue accepting job applications from abroad.

The assessment process will depend on which bracket the position belongs to– either low-wage or high-wage jobs. Usually, high-wage jobs need more evidence and more intense assessment than low-wage. The main point is that the company must have done its best to find a qualified Canadian citizen for the job but failed.

Why was the TFWP in Alberta banned?

The Temporary Foreign Workers Program was temporarily banned due to the previous labour surpluses in the last months. The excess of applicants and employees has caused many Albertan locals to have fewer opportunities and tighter competition for job vacancies. With that, the government of Alberta has advised the national government to stop the assessment temporarily. Companies were also encouraged to hire or prioritize Albertan applicants for the vacant positions.

Restrictions to temporary foreign worker’s applications are now lifted

As a large economy, Alberta hires thousands of foreign workers every year and opens tens of thousands of job vacancies. It’s only natural that after the TWFP restrictions were made, the effect was that the vast portion of the applicants disappeared.

After employing many unemployed Albertans, businesses– which are growing exponentially– faced the challenge of finding available individuals. To address this, the Albertan government has decided to lift the restrictions.

The labour shortage is a common problem in big economies like Canada. Typically, the country has one of the lowest unemployment rates, dipping to 5.3% this year. After addressing the issue of labour surplus, Alberta needs to hire foreigners again to make up for the lack of workers. The high job vacancy rate of 5.1% is desirable for foreigners looking for opportunities abroad.

Why work in Alberta

Alberta is among the most popular places to work and live in Canada. Thousands of Canadians and foreigners come there every year to seek job opportunities. This province has one of the highest living standards, the most diverse community, and the best environment to work in and thrive.

With low unemployment and thousands of job vacancies opening each year, Alberta is a sought-after place for foreign job seekers. Taxes are also lower– from gasoline, properties, commodities, and personal income.

The crime rate is also very low, ensuring a safe and peaceful life. Housing is also relatively easy compared to other provinces in Canada– it may take 25% of your income. Many publicly funded services also exist there. So overall, residents and workers are supported by minimal living expenses.

How to apply as a temporary foreign worker in Alberta?

First, look for vacant jobs in Alberta available for foreign applicants. Also, your potential employer must first get the TWFP approved. If there are no other problems, the next step is to apply for a work permit and get a visa.

You can apply online through the website of the Canadian consulate or on-site through the consulate’s office in your country. Aside from the immigration documents and related papers, other requirements include your passport and its photocopy, photos, job offer, police records, resume, marriage certificate, and children’s birth certificate (if applicable).

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