Send money from Canada to a BPI account in the Phillipines

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Established in 1851, the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is the first bank in Southeast Asia and continues to play an important role in the lives of Filipinos across the country. The Bank of the Philippine Islands has over 800 branches in the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Europe, and nearly 3,000 ATMs and CAMs. In 2020, BPI was regarded as the ‘Best Bank in the Philippine’s by Euromoney.

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How to Send Money to the Philippines with BPI

Sending money to BPI accounts in the Philippines is easy with Remitbee. It just takes six easy steps.

  • Sign up with Remitbee. It’s simple and free of charge. Plus, it gives you access to a private Remitbee Wallet and a secure account in our system.
  • Provide your personal information such as full name, address and occupation then verify your email and phone number.
  • Tell us where you want to send your money. For bank account transfer, have the bank name and account number ready. Otherwise, another option is for cash pickup.
  • Review the CAD to PHP rate and see if it satisfies you. Then, enter the amount you want to send, select the payment method you’d like to use and confirm your transfer. For many reasons, conversion rates fluctuate all the time, but the fees for each payment method is unchangeable.
  • You’re all set! Track your money and keep an eye on it in the Remitbee app and watch as it arrives in the Philippines.
  • A hard worker like you deserves nothing but the best. Anyone who sends money online to the Philippines to support their family deserves an outstanding service for their efforts!

What are the benefits of sending directly to BPI?

There are many benefits to sending directly to BPI online with Remitbee. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Security is guaranteed
  • It’s faster
  • You can do it from the convenience of your home
  • As soon as the transfer goes through, the recipient can access their money through mobile banking

What information you’ll need to complete the transfer

Here is the information that you’ll need to complete the transfer through Remitbee. There are two separate delivery methods that have different requirements:

Wire transfer to a bank account

  • Recipient’s name – This should be identical as to what appears on bank statements.
  • Address – Have your home address ready including the city, province, and postal/zip code
  • Bank name – Choose Bank of the Philippine Islands from the options
  • Account Number – This ensures it gets to your recipient’s account.

Cash Pickup

  • Name – Complete and spelled correctly as it appears on the recipients valid IDs
  • Phone number – Enter the number of the recipient.
  • Pickup Location – We need the name of the bank or other financial institution where the recipient will be picking up the money.

How Remitbee calculates the CAD to PHP Exchange Rate

Rates are assessed daily to keep our fees as low as possible and to bring you the most competitive PHP exchange rates on the market. When you choose to use bill, interact, or debit card payment methods, there are minimal fees to pay, but you can also use the Remitbee Wallet so you don’t have to pay for fees anymore. We are upfront about any fees, and you can see them in the application before you send money to the Philippines.

Send money to all major Filipino Banks

How international money transfers work

International wire transfers take place using the SWIFT network. Transfer instructions are sent from the sender’s bank to the recipient’s bank and any fees are assessed before the transfer is approved. One of the banks will calculate the exchange rate CAD to PHP, and the money is moved between accounts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can!

You can choose to pay using Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill payment, Electronic Funds Transfer or Visa or Mastercard Debit.

The transfers typically take between 1 and 2 days, but some transfers happen instantly.

With a verified identity on our platform, you can send up to 9,000 CAD per day, with a maximum of 50,000 CAD per month.

Any transfer over 500 CAD is free. Transfers below 500 CAD are subject to the following fees:

  • Interac Online - $2.99
  • E-transfer - Free
  • Bill Payment - Free
  • Electronic funds Transfer - Free
  • Visa or Mastercard Debit - $2.99+

The maximum amount of money you can send in PHP is dependent on the verification level. Here is a breakdown of the levels:

  • The minimal Level 1 of verification allows you to send only 50 CAD daily or up to 500 CAD monthly.
  • We recommend Verification of Level 2. It will allow you to send up to 3,000 CAD daily, and up to 25,000 CAD monthly.
  • For users who need to transfer larger amounts of money we also have a good option – Verification Level 3. It allows you to send 9,000 CAD daily, and up to 50,000 CAD monthly.

We are also working on Verification Level 4 to provide our customers with even higher sending limits. Remember, that verification is a one-time process. Once you have been verified, there is no need to provide any other documents.

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