Send money to more than 5000 cash pickup locations at Philippines

You can use this interactive map to pick the closest location to you to pickup your funds. Simply type your current city and search to see the closest branch to you.

Remitbee has your transfer needs covered!

Remitbee Online Money Transfer Service gives you the freedom to send money to your family and friends back in the Philippines as often as you want. We understand how frustrating it can be to send money to the Philippines only to have companies take a significant cut through hidden fees or make it difficult for your family or friends to pick it up once it gets there. This is why we work with more than 5,000 banking locations throughout the country to make sure that money transfer to the Philippines is effortless.

Send money to thousands locations all over Philippines including:

  • Bank of Commerce
  • CIS Bayad Center
  • Development bank of the Philippines
  • LandBank
  • Palawan Pawnshop
  • Puregold
  • Bangko Kabayan
  • Camalig
  • Agri business bank
  • Illocus Sur
  • Rural Bank
  • Common Wealth
  • Card Bank
  • Philippine Resources Savings Banking
  • Global pinoy remittance, First Consolidated Bank

Our main goal is to make money transfers safe and free

As we mentioned above, Remitbee was founded by immigrants just like you. That means we understand the position that you’re in better than most, and certainly better than banks that are charging people excessive fees and giving poor exchange rate to ensure they turn a large profit. Also, unlike many banks, we are Canadian owned and operated, which makes sending money from Canada fast and easy. Above all, our goal is to help you save money so that you can give more back to your family members that are living in your home country.


Send money to Philippines in 4 easy steps

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Get your free account
Create an account with Remitbee and verify your account to get started.
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Add your recipient
Select a country and add the information about the recipient you are sending money to.
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Pick the best payment method
Finally, select a payment method and review your transfer details.
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We take care of the rest
That’s it! Click pay and sit back and relax. We’ll do the rest.

Why choose Remitbee for your
money transfers to Philippines?

We understand that there are a number of different companies on the market that can help you transfer money online to the Philippines. Unlike many of our competitors, we were founded with the express goal of helping people like ourselves, other immigrants, safely and affordably send money home. Here are some of the ways that we prioritize you:

  • We offer the best conversion rate for CAD to PHP on the market;
  • You don’t have to pay any fees if the amount you are sending exceeds $500;
  • The money transfer is secured, so you can feel confident that your money will arrive;
  • Our service transfers your money quickly so your loved ones don’t have to wait;
  • Remitbee is convenient, allowing you to send money from the comfort of your home or on the go through your phone.

The mobile experience

The Remitbee Android and IOS apps now make online money transfer to Philippines easier than ever. Here are some of the added features you can enjoy through our app:

  • You can make quick money transfers from your phone no matter where you are;
  • Get exchange rate alerts on your phone when rates go up or down;
  • Personalize your favorite currencies so that you only receive notifications for currencies that you use;
  • Biometric authentication protects your money and information;
  • You can also send larger amounts of money, with a daily limit of 9,000.00 CAD and a monthly limit of 50,000.00 CAD.
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Choose how you want to pay

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You can pay for your money transfer with Interac e-Transfer through your online banking. It's one of the most convenient, secure and fast ways to send money from Canada abroad.
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Bill payment

We offer a bill payment as an option to fund your Remitbee Wallet and send money online. Just log in to your online banking, add Remitbee as a payee and send the funds.
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Interac Online

Remitbee accepts payments through Interac Online and Interac Debit. This payment option transfers money from your bank account to Remitbee, for paying fees or transferring money internationally.
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You can set up a direct funds withdrawal with Remitbee. We will automatically pull the required amount directly from your bank without any fees.
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Visa debit

You can pay Remitbee fees or load up your wallet using your Visa Debit card, issued by your Canadian bank and linked to your Canadian bank account. Look for the Visa Debit logo on the lower right corner of your card.
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Mastercard debit

You can now send payments to Remitbee to transfer money or pay fees using your Mastercard Debit. Look for the circular Mastercard logo on the lower right corner of your card. Your bank will issue the Mastercard Debit to you.

Convert your CAD to PHP Pesos with the best exchange rate

Exchange rates change daily, and many companies give less competitive exchange rates so that they can make a larger profit. We are committed to always giving the best exchange rate cad to php available so that as much of your money makes it home as possible.

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