Send money to Japan from Brampton

Transfer money from Canada to Japan with the best exchange rates, 0 fees, and lightning-fast speed!

Transfer money from Brampton to Japan with the best exchange rates

At Remitbee, we understand the importance of supporting our loved ones abroad. We know the frustration of trying to send money home and losing a great deal of it to high fees and low exchange rates. That’s why Remitbee is always hard at work to provide its customers with the lowest fees and the best exchange rates — so that your loved ones in Japan can get every hard-earned, love-filled dollar.

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Benefits of using Remitbee for International money transfers


Founded by Immigrants

Remitbee was established and built by immigrants — people who understand the need for a great online remittance service to transfer money to Japan.


The best way to convert CAD to JPY

Remitbee offers the most competitive exchange rates for converting your Canandian dollar to Yen. Check live rate now.


Quick and Easy Platform

No lengthy processes. No confusing setups. Remitbee’s platform works to make converting from CAD to JPY fast, easy, and convenient.


We offer fully transparent service

Here at Remitbee, transparency and fair pricing is at our core, because we want our users to get the best possible exchange rates out there.

Remitbee is the best way to send money from Brampton to Japan

With the latest technologies and the top software available, Remitbee provides to its users the best online money transfer experience in Canada. With us you’ll be guaranteed swift and secured money transfers, and a money back guarantee so you can rest easy. Plus, with transfers to Japan greater than 500 CAD there are no additional fees!


6 easy steps to send money from Brampton to Japan


Sign Up

To send money transfer to Japan, your first step is to sign up. Signing up with Remitbee is absolutely free and can be done either on our website or through our Android or IOS apps.


Verify your identity

To keep our service safe and efficient, all users are required to verify their identity using our quick identification process.


Add recipient

With Remitbee, you have the options to either send money directly to your recipient’s bank account in Japan, have a cash pick-up, or deliver it directly to their home.


Choose your payment method

Money transfers from Brampton to Japan can be funded directly from your bank account, through e-Transfer, Bill Payment, Interac Online, Visa, or Mastercard Debit. Additionally, all transfers to Japan above $500 are absolutely free.


Check our great CAD to JPY exchange rate

Confirm our constantly up-to-date Canadian dollar to Yen exchange rates before your transfer, completely transparent and without any hidden fees or delayed charges.


Send your money with a smile!

Our transfers can take as little as one hour or 1 business day. Sending your money to Japan before 8 PM on a weekday guarantees a speedy delivery, so all you need to do is to sit back and relax!

We are the fastest way to send money from Brampton to Japan

Remitbee offers numerous payment methods to make funding your money transfer to Japan easy. These offerings include e-Transfer, Bill Payment, Direct Withdrawal, Interac Online, or Debit cards. Delivery depends on the payment method chosen, but in most cases we deliver your money in less than 1 business day!


What are the best locations to send money from Brampton to Japan

"Whether you’re on a train for your morning commute, sitting in a cafe, walking in the park, or comfortably resting at home, Remitbee makes it possible to send your money abroad from Brampton no matter where you are. Our fast, secure, and 100% transparent service is available 24/7 at the push of a button."

Transfer money to Japan from Brampton on the from your smartphone

The Remitbee app, available on Android and IOS devices, has all the money transfer capabilities of a web portal. On the go or at home, the app provides a limitless money transfer experience and can be downloaded on the Play Store or the App Store.


Remitbee is the most secure option to send money from Brampton to Japan bank account

"Remitbee has partnered with McAfee Canada in addition to acquiring a Microsoft Azure Certification, all to continue to keep its money transfers safe and secure. We are regulated by FINTRAC and use encryption to ensure all your transfers and personal data are always safe."

Thousands of Brampton residents choose Remitbee to transfer funds to Japan

Remitbee has quickly become one of the most trusted money transfer services in Canada. Thousands of residents of Brampton alone are already using our service to send money from Canada to Japan, quickly, securely, and affordably!


Download Remitbee Mobile App

Created for our customers on the go, the Remitbee app has all the functionality you expect from the website compacted into your iPhone or Android device! Designed for speed, efficiency and safety, our app is the best way to use Remitbee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Remitbee offers competitive CAD to JPY exchange rates and low transfer fees. All money transfers to Japan ove 500 CAD are FREE.

Transfers can arrive almost instantly or take 1-2 business days depending on where you are sending money to and which method you choose to fund your transfer. Your funds may also be delayed if you haven’t completed the verification of your account, entered the wrong recipient bank information or initiated a transfer during the weekend.

You need to create an account with Remitbee and verifying your identity. Afterwards, enter your recipient's personal information, fund your transfer and send money to Japan with best exchange rate in Canada.

The fees are different depending on the amount you send, and the method you use to fund your money transfer. If you send money via Remitbee Wallet, amounts lower than 500 CAD cost 2.99 CAD, and amounts over 500 CAD are free. The fees are the same for Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT). Interac costs $2.99 no matter how much you send, and debit card transfers cost 2.99 CAD for amounts below 500 CAD and 8.99 CAD or more for amounts exceeding 500 CAD.

Even though we are a 100% online-based company, we still provide an option for our customers to pay for money transfer to Japan in cash. If you're a customer of BMO, Meridian, RBC, or Scotiabank, please follow these instructions. 1) Create a free Remetbee account. 2)Go to Remitbee Wallet, and initiate a Wallet deposit. 3)Select Bill Payment as a funding option. 4)Next, you'll see a screen with the Bill Payment instructions. You can copy these instructions now, but don't worry, we will email them to you afterward. 5) Take these instructions, cash, and go to any branch of BMO, Meridian, RBC, or Scotiabank. 6) Bank clerk will take your cash, and deposit your money to Remitbee Wallet through the Bill payment. 7) After funds were credited to your Wallet, initiate your transfer through the Remitbee app or web portal. We'll deliver your funds to your recipient within one business day. That's our quick guide on how you can fund your money transfer to Japan with cash.

Currently Remitbee has physical location only in GTA. However, our company is 100% online-based, so you can send money to Japan from anywhere within Canada including: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Quebec City, Hamilton, Brampton, Mississauga, Halifax, Saskatoon, St. John's, Fredericton, Charlottetown and many others.

Your sending limit depends on your level of verification. If you have a Level 1 verification, your sending limit is 50 CAD daily or 500 CAD monthly. With Level 2 verification, your daily limit is 3,000 CAD or 25,000 CAD monthly. If you have a Level 3 verification, your daily limit is 9,000 CAD and 50,000 CAD monthly. Level 4 verification is coming soon but isn’t currently available to the public.