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Send USD to El Salvador safely and securely with RemitBee, the best remittance service for El Salvador immigrants in Canada!
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Send money to all major El Salvador Banks

Central de Reserve bank
Agricola bank
Citi bank

Ways to Send Money to El Salvador

Transfer your money from Canada to all the major banks in El Salvador with in 24 hours of any mode of transaction. We do Debit card, e-transfer, EFT & more
Cash Pickup
Our cash pickup option ensures your money gets where it's needed quickly and securely, just provide recipient's details and choose a pickup location.

"My Superb Money Transfers to El Salvador with RemitBee"

My money transfers to El Salvador with RemitBee were phenomenal! The process was remarkably simple and worry-free. I'm genuinely impressed with their top-notch service and would highly recommend it.

Why to use Remitbee?

Founded by Immigrants
Remitbee is founded and operated by immigrants in Canada who know the value of a great remittance service to send money to El Salvador online!
Best CAD to USD rate
At Remitbee we offer best exchange rate & free transfer fee for converting Canadian Dollar to USD. Check live rates now
Fast and Easy Platform
Ready to remit to El Salvador? Don’t waste time with lengthy processes. OUR platform is innovated to offer a fast, convenient and easy way to send money to El Salvador & convert CAD to USD
Free money transfer to El Salvador
We offer no platform fee for money transfers! That is why Remitbee is the best way to send money. Our bank to bank transfers are quick, secure % reliable.
Transparency for Customers
We are always transparent to our customers, and, unlike the banks, we never charge any hidden fees or offer poor exchange rates for profit when you transfer money online to El Salvador.

How to send money to El Salvador online

Download the RemitBee App or Sign up to RemitBee online
You'll need to be a resident of Canada with a Canadian phone number.
Complete Your Identity Verification
choose the right level of verification for your money transfer needs.
To complete your transaction successfully to El Salvador, provide the right SWIFT code accordingly
Choose Your Payment Method
You can load up your Remitbee CAD balance from your bank account or use the Visa Debit, Mastercard or Interac E-transfer payment options to send money to El Salvador in a flash.
Confirm Your Transfer
Check our amazing CAD to USD exchange rate and complete your transfer!

Don’t just take our word for it

We have thousands of happy Remitbee users to back us up

Cheapest Way to Send Money to El Salvador  

With RemitBee, your first transfer to El Salvador is free! Skip extra service fees!

Plus, you can always send money to El Salvador for free when you send $500 or more using e-transfer, EFT or bill payment to pay for your transfer  

If you need to send less than $500, the fee is only $2.99 for the same payment options.  Debit is the most expensive option to pay for your transfer. The debit fee increases with the size of your transfer.

Frictionless transfers

Fastest Way to Send Money to El Salvador 

Our FINTRAC Canada-regulated CAD balance, lets you pre-load funds and make super-fast transfers whenever you need. Enjoy free transfers for transactions over $500 CAD.

The speed of your transfer to El Salvador depends on two factors
Our Service
Your choice of payment method

Service You Can Trust!

Is Remitbee safe? Yes! Our customers are consistently impressed and happy with our services.

80% of our transfers to El Salvador are completed within 10 minutes after receiving payment. While weekends and holidays may cause slowdowns in service, we pride ourselves on same day transfers.

Available Payment Methods & it's Speed

Here are our 5 payment methods from fastest to slowest: 
Use your debit card to instantly pay for your transfer!
Interac Online
Select your transfer amount and finalize the payment through online banking. Available for TD, RBC and National bank users.
Send RemitBee an e-transfer, just like you would for friends or family. Once received it will be credited to your RemitBee Account and used towards your transaction to El Salvador.
30 Minutes
Bill Payment
Pay a bill to RemitBee through your online banking or visit your local bank to pay the bill to RemitBee in cash.
1 Business day
Withdraw and transfer the cash electronically through your bank account into your RemitBee account. Simply connect your bank account to RemitBee, and we will do the rest!
1 Business day

Fees for our Payment methods

To maximize your every USD sent to El Salvador, transfer more than 500 CAD and avail no fee service
Payment Method
Below $500
After $500
Debit Card
Bill Payment
Interac Online

How to Verify My Account for Money Transfer to El Salvador  

Complete account verification before initiating your first transfer to El Salvador. This one-time process is designed to protect you from fraud and complies with Canadian federal regulations.
Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Apps to Send Money from

Canada to El Salvador

Remitbee is the best and most secure option when you send money from Canada to El Salvador
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Safe and sound

Next-level security

We combine the knowledge of cyber-security experts with the latest in technology to keep your money safe.
FINTRAC Regulated
We're regularly audited by FINTRAC, ensuring safety and compliance with Canadian financial regulations.
Fortified Fraud Detection
Our system proactively prevents fraud, ensuring continuous security for your account.
State of Art Encryption
We use SHA-256 RSA encryption to shield all data and to protect funds from hackers or scammers.
100% Money-back Guarantee
All transactions are fully insured. If funds don't reach the recipient, you'll be fully refunded.
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