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BHCI, Cote De Ivore

Banque De Lhabitat De Cote d’ Ivoire,(BHCI) is a Depository Credit Intermediation company based in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Banque De Lhabitat De Cote d’ Ivoire (BHCI) employs 243 people and generates $141.62 million in revenue at this site (USD).

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How to Send Money to BHCI in Cote De Ivore

In only 5 simple actions, money may be sent to BHCI accounts in Cote d'Ivoire!

  • Make an account with RemitBee. It includes RemitBee Wallet, which is secure and simple to use.

  • To complete your profile, you will be asked for your full name, address, and occupation. Ensure that your phone number and email address are accurate.

  • Fill in the details for your recipient. This information comprises the bank's name and account number.

  • Take a look at the CAD/XOF currency conversion rate. After you've confirmed that the CAD/XOF exchange rate is acceptable, enter the amount you want to send, choose your payment method, and finish your transaction. Despite daily fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, the predetermined amounts for each payment method remain constant.

  • The RemitBee app allows you to follow the status of your remittance. Once the transfer has been received, you will even be notified.

What are the benefits of sending directly to BHCI?

Using RemitBee's online money transfer service has a number of benefits. Here's a quick overview of what's going on:

  • It's quite practical. Save money on gas and time sitting in traffic because there’s no need to go out to visit a bank or a cash pickup location.

  • Transfers are always made in a safe and secure manner

  • Funds are easily accessible for the receiver

  • When you send more than $500, transfers are free.

What is the information you need to complete the transfer?

To submit a transfer via RemitBee, you'll need the following information:

  • The name of the receiver as it appears on their bank account.

  • The address of the receiver as listed on their bank records

  • Bank code and IBAN

  • Account Number – This ensures it gets to your recipient’s account.

How Remitbee calculates the CAD to XOF exchange rate

Any costs are included in the application and may be double-checked before sending money to Cote d'Ivoire. We provide some of the most competitive exchange rates available, based on daily market values. Low fees vary by payment method, but RemitBee Wallet is a fully free way to fill your account.

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How international money transfers work

One of the banks will compute the CAD to XOF exchange rate, and transfer instructions will be sent via the SWIFT network from the sender to the receiver, and money will be moved between accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you very certainly can.

All authorized payment methods include Interac e-Transfer, Interac Online, Bill Payment, Electronic Funds Transfer, and Visa or Mastercard Debit.

Funds are transferred to a bank account. Most transfers take one to two days, although others are done right away.

You can send up to 9,000 CAD every day provided you verify your identity, with a monthly limit of 50,000 CAD.

Any transfer of 500 CAD or more is entirely free. The transaction fees for sending less than $500 CAD are mentioned below:

  • Interac Online - $2.99

  • E-transfer – Free

  • Bill Payment – Free

  • Electronic funds Transfer - Free

  • Visa or Mastercard Debit - $2.99+

The CAD to XOF exchange rate is currently 1 CAD for {{XOF}} XOF. This changes daily.

Yes! You may earn up to $50 for every three successful recommendations.

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