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With Remitbee, you can choose between sending your cash directly to a loved one’s bank account or Mobile Top-up - whichever is the most convenient! All transfers over 500$ and over are free!

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Hello Kenya - We’re Remitbee!

TWe’ve been helping Canadians send money overseas since 2015. Built by Immigrants for immigrants, we focus on providing the best rates and world-class customer care. We are so excited to finally serve our Kenyan-Canadian communities.

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What our clients have to say

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Remitbee is one of the best if not the best service out there, I have tried almost every other money transfer services available and I found remitbee most reliable in terms of rates and transfer spped. Always got my questions answered by their Customer Service team. No deals No scams!

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Remitbee Customer

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The best money exchange agency in Canada I should say. Their rates are pretty good compared to all other agencies and they have the best customer support service when it comes to handling transaction related queries. Keep up the good work bees!

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Amjad Hussain

Remitbee Customer

Frequently Asked Questions

After you sign up and send your first transfer, 15 dollars will be added to your Remitbee account! You can then choose to deposit it into your own bank account or include it in your next transfer to your loved ones.

You can use Remitbee to do simple, quick and cost-effective transfer internationally. You can download Remitbee’s Money Transfer app on Google Play or Apple App stores. Once downloaded, you can immediately start using it to send money to Kenyan bank account.

Remitbee is committed to bringing the fastest and lowest cost money transfer service possible. Many country corridors such as Kenya we have already built money in minutes service and others we are continuously striving to make it quicker. Most delays happen for these common reasons: Compliance verification requiring additional documentation from Remitbee or receiving bank Overseas Payment processor hours of operation Wrong Recipient details Your payment method for transfers. More precise hours of delivery is displayed when adding the recipient

Send over 500 CAD via the My Wallet option for fee-free transfers! Remitbee's fees are always as low as possible and are never hidden.

No, you don't have to. Since you already pay tax on the amount you earned in Canada, you are not required to pay further tax on the same money.