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Level 3 Verification

Daily limit – 9,000 CAD, monthly limit is 90,000 CAD.

Completion time – up to 4 business days.

This verification option will be a great fit for people who need to transfer big amounts of money every day or month To qualify for Level 3, you need to complete Level 1 and Level 2 verification. Only when you pass the first two levels, Level 3 will be available for you.

To learn how to verify your account (all levels) on android, ios or desktop visit this article. Instructions in Tamil and Tagalog are available.

To start with Level 3 verification, follow these simple steps:

  1. From the dashboard, click on the account menu on the top right corner of the page. The small secondary menu should open. verification 3 -1

  2. Here you need to find the “Verifications and Limits” tab and click on it.

verification 2

  1. Next, you will see the verification menu with different levels of verification and sending limits. By this time Level, 1 and 2 should be displayed as completed, and Level 3 should be open.

verification 3 -3

  1. click start, and you will be transferred to the page with the instructions for Level 3 verification. Here you need to complete 2 steps.

  2. First step is “Security code to address”. Click “Send a code” and we will send you an envelope with the security code by mail. It could take up to 4 business days for mail to be delivered. Once you receive the envelope, open it, and enter the verification code into the input box that will appear on Verification Level 3.

verifcation 3-4

  1. Second step is the “Selfie with ID”. To complete this step, make a selfie photo with your ID.

verification 3-4

Please have your photo ID ready and make sure that your device has a camera.

Please ensure that all information and your face are visible, and the photo has a good quality.

As a valid Photo ID, you can use one of these documents:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Provincial ID
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Nexus Card

  1. After you entered the PIN code received by mail, and your selfie with ID was verified, Level 3 verification is completed.