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How do I track my transfer?

Remitbee always wants to keep you updated. Logging into your account and visiting your 'Transaction History' will allow you to track your transaction at any time. You will also receive email notifications at every step as your transaction is being processed.

Step 1. To check the details of your transaction, click on the “Transactions” tab on the left side menu.

The list of all your transactions should open. Here you can see basic information about each of your transactions (Date, ID, Amount, Status). You can search for transactions or filter them based on your preferences.

Following are the possible Transaction status, you can expect as your Transaction process.

In- progress You have initiated your transaction and it is has been sent to the Remitbee operational team

Release- Remitbee has released the funds to the recipient bank

Completed - Recipient bank has accepted and deposited funds to receiver

Hold - Transaction Funds are on hold by RemitBee

Refund in progress - You have requested a refund and it is in the progress of refunding

Refunded - Your transaction payment has been refunded

Contact us - Issues with your transaction. Request from RemitBee to contact us

To get more detailed data, simply click on the “View details” button beside the transaction.