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How to set up a favourite (default) receiving method?

By default, the last receiving method you used to transfer money to your recipient will be a default (favourite) one. Also, if you added a new receiving method to your recipient, it will be a default one for all new transfers to the same recipient.

You can select a different receiving method as a default by following these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu on the left side and select the "Recipients” page.

Recieve method 1

  1. You should see the list of all your recipients. Click the edit button for the recipient you want to update.

Recieve method 2

  1. After that, you should see a screen with your recipient data. Scroll down to receiving methods and click on one of them to make it favourite or add a new one. You will see a notification about this change

Recieve method 3 4. That is it! You just successfully updated your favourite receiving method for one of the recipients.