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How to check Ghana’s MTN Limits 2022

Mobile Telecommunications Network (MTN) is Ghana's leading mobile telecommunications services provider. It currently has over 50 percent of Ghana’s total subscriber base. MTN offers its subscribers different exciting options under Pay Monthly and Pay as You Go Services.

MTN’s Mobile Money (MoMo) platform is one of the safest mobile wallets in Ghana, where clients can make payments, pay bills, and transfer money. MTN’s Mobile Money service is controlled and regulated by the Bank of Ghana.

MTN Momo Limits

Thanks to the unparalleled service of MTN, Ghana has experienced a massive adoption of mobile money, bringing to light the need to ensure the safety of customers’ money. MTN, together with the Bank of Ghana, which controls and regulates its Mobile Money service, provided various measures to ensure customer fund safety.

The Bank of Ghana implemented limitations on the MoMo service based on their license and other security reasons. Thus, in early 2022, MTN announced their Mobile Money services limits. What do these limits mean to MTN MoMo subscribers? It means there’s a limit to how much subscribers can transfer or receive in their MTN account within a day or a month.

These limitations are grouped into two tiers, and a subscriber’s limit will depend on what tier s/he belongs to.

Types of MTN Mobile Money Limits

For Tier 1 customers:

Daily limit: 2,000 GHS
Monthly limit: 20,000 GHS
Total balance limit: 10,000 GHS

For Tier 2 customers:

Daily limit: 5,000 GHS
Monthly limit: 50,000 GHS
Total balance limit: 20,000 GHS


The daily and monthly limits refer to the total amount of money you can send or receive through your mobile money account. On the other hand, the total balance limit refers to the highest amount of money you can have in your MTN MoMo account at any given time.

Determining Your Ghana MTN MoMo Limit

Here are the simple steps you need to take to determine which of the two tiers you’re on and how much your limits are:

Dial *170# on your phone to open the MTN money mobile portal.

Dial 6 to select ‘My Wallet’ or ‘My Account.’

Dial # to see the next page.

Dial 8 and choose ‘Check Wallet Limit.’

Enter your MoMo pin so your daily and monthly limit will be displayed on your phone’s screen. The amount you’ve already used and the remaining of your limit will also be displayed.

Increasing your Ghana MTN MoMo Limit

Depending on your situation, you might want to increase your MTN Mobile Money limit. The good news is, that it is possible. All you need to do is provide a bank statement that will be used to help determine your transaction limit.