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How can I pay?

We offer different convenient payment methods:

Remitbee Wallet – includes E-transfer, Bill payment and EFT through your online banking. For E-transfer and Bill Payment you need to send us the funds whereas with EFT we will withdraw from your account that you link with Remitbee account.

This method is completely secure and approved by all major Canadian banks.

Interac Online – pay for your transfer through online banking after you initiate your transaction.

Visa or Mastercard debit – you can pay with a debit card issued by your Canadian bank. This is usually the fastest.

Payment Type
Transfers < $500 CAD
Transfers > $500 CAD
 Remitbee Wallet 
(includes E-transfer, Bill payment) 
 $2.99 CAD  Free
 EFT  $2.99 CAD  Free
 Interac  $2.99 CAD  $2.99 CAD
 Visa Debit/Mastercard Debit  $2.99+ CAD  $8.99+ CAD