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Remitbee Currency Exchange Benefits

  • The best exchange rates.  Our rates will beat both your bank and other currency exchange companies. We don’t hide fees and charges like banks do. Keep more money in your pocket and know upfront how much you’re getting.
  • Quick, easy, and secure.  From start to finish your transfer only has 3 simple steps. Remitbee is regulated and audited by FINTRAC for your peace of mind.
  • Fully online for your convenience.  Unlike other currency exchange services, we are a 100 % online operation. You can change your money no matter the time of day or where you are. You can even exchange using our app and track the transaction in real time.
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      How does it work?

      Remitbee Currency Exchange is quick and easy. With only 3 steps in the process, you can exchange up to $50,000 a day ― with no hidden fees! Simply send us direct payment from a bank account, and we’ll do the rest. For exchanging Canadian Dollar to US Dollar you must have a USD account in Canada in order to be eligible. Then Remitbee will direct deposit into the bank account of your choice.


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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Remitbee currency exchange allows you to deposit money into your US account and exchange it for Canadian dollars quickly and easily, and vice versa!

      All transactions are done online at one of the best exchange rates available. Signup and sending is easy. Sending can be done on the mobile app or on the website on the go. Remitbee currency exchange gives better rates and deals than Canadian banks, including TD Bank currency exchange, Scotiabank currency exchange, and Royal Bank / RBC currency exchange.

      Transfers are done using a high level of security and your details are kept secure with Remitbee technology. The money exchanged is taken from your bank account and deposited back into your bank account, quickly and securely.

      Remitbee allows you to exchange money with ZERO fees.

      At the moment Remitbee exchanges USD/CAD and CAD/USD. In the future more currency pairs will be available for your exchange needs.

      Mid-market exchange rate is basically the real exchange rate between two currencies. It’s what financial institutions, like your bank, use to trade with other financial institutions. Unfortunately, these rates are often only reserved for transfers dealing with a ton of money— more money than the average person would ever deal with. The consumer exchange rate is the rate you’re most likely used to dealing with. The consumer exchange rate is a combination of the market exchange rate plus whatever amount the financial institution (in most cases, your bank) charges in order to make a profit. It’s best practice to use the mid-market exchange rate as a benchmark when you’re looking for the best rates. The closer the exchange rate is to the market exchange rate, the better. Remitbee offers a competitive rate that is transparent and you always know up front how much you will get.

      Yes, Remitbee has a daily limit on how much you can send. The amount of money you can send daily and monthly depends on your verification level with Remitbee. If you are verified you can exchange up to $50,000 per day.

      Unlike banks, Remitbee specialises in currency exchange and is able to offer it at a lower cost. Big banks take advantage of the knowledge that most people don’t know there are other options for international transfers. So they continue to charge higher rates than other services because for many years consumers have not known better. Banks disguise their high exchange rates with complicated fee structures which leave consumers naive about how much money they’re losing. Remitbee is on a mission to keep our fees and exchange rate transparent so that you can transfer money internationally, while feeling safe that you’re truly getting the best exchange rate. With us, you’ll always know how much you pay, and how much you get. Sign up now to start saving today.