Work-Life Balance Tips For Canadian Professionals With Kids

By Remitbee - Mar 25, 2019

Much like your company, Remitbee Online Money Transfer has a ton of employees who have to carefully balance their work-life routine.

It’s not easy, but it is possible – and we’ve worked out how. Follow our 3 best tips for a better work-life balance when you’ve got a demanding job and an even more demanding kid!

Learn to Say No

Did you know that Canadians leave 31 million vacation days unused each year?

Sometimes there’s that unspoken pressure to stay at work. All too often, we put that pressure on ourselves. So, tell yourself “NO, I deserve these vacation days.” Because you really do. You’re not being big-headed, they’re written into your contract!

If you are serious about getting the perfect work-life balance, there are going to be times when you need to say “no” to both sides.

The key is communication. Talk to your family, let them know how work is going. When they can understand why you must work late, or what deadlines you have, your “no” is going to go down smoother.

But there are also times when you need to say “no” to work. There are things you can’t miss at home. For many of us at Remitbee, missing our kid’s bedtime is a huge NO.

Let both your work and your family know what your priorities are – open that line of communication and you’ll find both sides are more open to finding a balance and compromise when necessary.

Use Your Strengths

Most people have a time of day when they’re most productive. Some people are morning workers, others come to life in the evenings. The solution is to find flexibility with your work hours.

Can you work earlier in the mornings if you’re a morning person?

Can you work late evenings instead, so you can spend the mornings helping get the kids ready for school?

Working odd hours so you can get work done when you’re at your most productive can show to your boss that you’re dedicated… if you ask the right way!

You can also apply your strengths to the way you work. Do you talk faster than you type? Try a speech recognition device or app.

Is your phone faster than your laptop? Try using Remitbee’s app for IOS or Android instead of logging in online for international money transfers.

The applications are endless.

Play to your strengths and you’ll speed up the work process by increasing efficiency and productivity – leaving more time to spend at home.

Time Management

Yes, we know you’ve been told about time management a gazillion times before. Well, get ready to hear it again.

Think about time management!

Start with the essentials. You need time to sleep, eat and exercise (cricket counts). If cut these away, you’ll damage your mental and physical health. You’ll be a tired mess at work and completely useless at home with no energy to play with your kids.

Next, start planning work and home life. It’s best not to mix them. If you work at home during family time, your family is going to feel neglected and your work ethic is going to suffer.

We can speak with the first-hand experience! Our international money transfer services are actually designed with time management in mind. It’s a low cost, convenient to access, super-fast to transfer even large amounts of your money and is completely safe and secure for sending money online.

The most obvious benefit is the extra quality time you can make to spend with your immediate family. But you’re also going to benefit from something much rarer.

Peace of mind.

If you want to feel relaxed during family time, check out how Remitbee keeps your money remittances to distant family secure, fast and low cost. Learn more.

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