Why do Filipinos Move Abroad?

By Remitbee - Mar 8, 2022

For the past decades, we have witnessed an increasing number of Filipinos moving abroad. Having an OFW in the family is celebrated by the community. Especially when the number of Filipinos overseas was just starting to boom, getting your daughter or son to set foot in foreign lands successfully became the talk of the town. And although having an OFW in the neighbourhood may not be any more new and surprising, it's still the ultimate dream of most Filipinos to work overseas.

Even though it may already be obvious why Filipinos move to foreign lands, here are the top reasons why migration is widespread in the Philippines.

1. It's the ultimate saving grace from financial instability.

The meaning of OFW is Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), which is the popular term for Filipinos working abroad. Migration started to become a trend during the 1960s to 1970s when many Western countries began contracting foreign labourers. The "American dream" even became a famous expression then, referring to the great desire of many Filipinos to go to the said nation.

The reason? Poverty. Currently, there are more than 2 million immigrants, with more than 800,000 in Canada, and getting a higher chance for a better quality of life is the number one driving factor why many Filipinos work abroad.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, and Japan are among the top countries where Filipino immigrants go. However, many dream of getting a taste of life in Canada, even though it's pretty demanding and challenging – from complicated processes, many qualifications, and too much paperwork. But considering how many Filipinos in Canada are thriving, earning, and having the time of their lives, it's definitely worth it!

Finishing college to secure your future is a no-brainer, but chances are you will still get underpaid even when you complete a degree in the Philippines. However, in Canada, Filipino breadwinners can lift their family's living conditions more quickly with better opportunities and higher salaries and currency values.

2. They want to join their family.

Here's the typical scenario in a Filipino household: A family member – perhaps the mother, father, or the "breadwinner" son or daughter – goes abroad. He stays there for the next five years, with a few vacations in between, establishes a stable life there, and realizes he wants to be there forever. This is very common, especially in countries with highly favourable and immigrant-friendly policies like Canada.

Now, they have everything they've ever wanted except the people they love the most. Fortunately, there's an easy solution for that! They urge their family to move from the Philippines to Canada.

It's also one of the reasons why the number of Filipinos in Canada significantly increases every year - not only the OFW himself, but the whole family is eventually convinced to start a new life abroad.

3. Life abroad is an excellent opportunity to start your own family.

Aside from OFWs meeting the love of their lives while working abroad, some Filipinas in the Philippines also get the chance to meet their husbands-to-be online. Thus, they willingly give up their lives in their home country to live with their foreign partner. This is especially common in Western countries like the USA and Canada. They always love the Filipinas' fun, caring, and thoughtful nature.

4. Why move to Canada?

Okay, life abroad creates a lot of opportunities. It improves the Filipinos' life to a level they never even dreamed of. But why do many Filipinos want to move to Canada in particular?

Well, the diversity of the people and culture in Canada is superb. Thus, Filipinos don't find adjusting to life there compared to other countries. In general, Canadians care less about people's language, lifestyle, or even race. Canada is multicultural and a very open country. As long as you make yourself respectable and do your job well, establishing friendships in the workplace and the neighbourhood isn't impossible.

Aside from that, Canada offers one of the highest wages to OFWs, especially for nurses. The medicine field is notorious for being one of the most underpaid professionals in the Philippines. Thanks to Canada, the excessive supply of nurses still has a chance for better compensation and career growth.

Lastly, Canada has an excellent policy – from education, employment, health, transportation, and many more. The country offers well-thought programs that surely improve the lives of its citizens and the immigrants as well. Overall, life in Canada is less stressful and doesn't necessarily suck the life out of you, unlike many countries. The qualifications and standards, which can be incredibly challenging, are fair to pay.

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