What’s The Best Way to send money to India from Canada?

So, you want to know the best ways to send money to India?

The truth is, you’ve probably been doing it wrong… and that will have cost more money than necessary.

Finding the best way is not just about saving a little money on the exchange rate though. It’s about sending your money quickly and safely. After all, your hard-earned cash should be protected.

It’s not easy to watch your first paycheque fly away to India before you have a chance to spend some on yourself – but to support your family, it’s essential. We understand that, believe us.

Best Ways to Send Money from Canada to India

There are 3 key things you need to consider when choosing a way to remit to India

  • Cost, fees and exchange rates.
  • Transfer times, deposit methods and Indian banks your family can reach.
  • Protection, insurance and reliability of the service you use.

The very traditional methods – sending cash or a cheque in an envelope – are not only super slow but also quite risky. Your money could be stolen or simply misdelivered.

Other transfer options, through your local bank or using email money transfers, are not without flaws either. Banks may have varying exchange rates plus some will charge percentage fees, rather than fixed fees. The more you send, the higher your fees when it’s a percentage fee.

Email transfers are low cost but time-consuming for both you and your family. Instead of depositing the money into a bank account directly, the recipient would need to open the email and process it through the bank themselves.

Is it just us, or is this all a bit of a nightmare?

The simple solution is as follows. Send your cash online.

How to Transfer Money from Canada to India in 3 Steps

Choose the right remit service and you can tick all 3 boxes very easily.

Cost – our fees are always transparent. Transfers over $500 CAD are free when you use the My Wallet transfer, plus you can instantly check the exchange rate from our app.

Method – we can send your money to nearly every bank in India! Send your payment before 8 pm EST and your money will arrive in just a few hours.

Security – we require proof of identity before sending your money online, as all reputable money transfer services do. We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee should something go wrong.

Fees, times and protection guarantees vary from service to service… but here’s how it works at Remitbee:

  1. Sign up! You can create an account via the Remitbee app or online.
  2. Tell us the details of your recipient, then check the fees and exchange rates.
  3. Send your cash to India in just a few taps or clicks.

So, it’s not magic yet (we’re still working on telekinetic transfers) but our services are secure, affordable and super-fast. What more could you want?

Sign up now or learn a bit more about Remitbee’s online money transfer services first.

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