What is Kapruka Money Transfer? (Sri Lanka)

By Remitbee - May 4, 2021

What is Kapruka money transfer?

Kapruka money transfers will successfully transfer money to Sri Lanka in rupees. It is essential to access a website that allows you to make transfers to your Hometown in Sri Lanka. This website should be easy to use and efficient in its timing. Kapruka is a money transfer website that is also popular in other realms of e-commerce. It allows you to transfer the money to your family back home with ease. It works in a timely fashion and is free of hidden fees. It is an excellent site to use for beginners sending money home, but there are other options to keep in mind.


Kapruka money transfer service is simple to use. How to send money? Once you locate the money transfer page, the next step is typing in all the required information. Kapruka uses the Central Bank of Sri Lanka's published dollar exchange rate to determine the exchange rate. It is constantly fluctuating, but Kapruka will do the math for you at the end of the process. Compared to Remitbee, which has a handy calculator on the front page will determine precisely how much you are sending before you even begin the process. Remitbee makes the money transfer process more comfortable as you will know beforehand the transaction cost in total.


Kapruka works in a timely fashion to send the funds quickly without delay. Once you have added your payment method into the system, it is straightforward to click next and confirm the transaction. Once complete, it is only a matter of hours before your family will receive the money in whatever way is most convenient. Once you have the amount in mind and are making the transaction, be sure all the information entered is correct so that when it comes time for Kapruka to review, they do not need to contact you, or they will not make a mistake. For larger transfers, Kapruka does reserve the right to contact the sender for additional questioning. Remitbee also provides the same quick service with a hassle-free and easy process that only takes moments to complete.


Just like any transfer site, fees apply to the amount sent out. With Kapruka, that fee mainly consists of the credit card fee since you are transferring money using a foreign credit card or something of that sort. Depending on your payment method determines the amount of the fee. Typically it is a percentage fee, and it is hard to precisely determine the amount charged until after the computer has made the calculations. With Remitbee, if you send a certain amount, anything over 500 CAD will be fee-free! This way, if your family needs consistent income from you, just sending a sizable one-time deposit will be easier for you and immediate for them.

In conclusion, Kapruka is a decent money transferring site that allows you to send money quickly and efficiently. It is one of many money transfer websites and tends to be a big competitor with others. However, if you want a more modernized approach to sending money to Sri Lanka, Remitbee will guarantee you a service that Kapruka could never give. Sign up today and experience the easy, quick, and practically free service provided by Remitbee!

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