What is a Brazilian CPF?

By Remitbee - Dec 20, 2021

A Brazilian CPF is an individual taxpayer identification number given to anyone who pays taxes in Brazil, whether they are native Brazilians or foreign residents. It is a registry maintained by the Brazilian Federal Revenue Services in which any natural person, regardless of age or country, can enroll once.

What is the meaning of CPF?

CPF is short for Cadastro de Pessoas Fsicas or Natural Persons Register in English. It is somewhat identical to the United States Social Security card. Once you've been registered with the Brazilian Revenue Service, you'll be given a CPF number.

What is a CPF number?

The CPF number is 11 digits long and issued by the Brazilian Revenue Service or Brazilian embassies across the globe. Every natural person born in Brazil, a resident, or who wants to do business in Brazil must have a CPF number issued to them.

How does Brazilian CPF work?

The Brazilian CPF’s primary goal was to assist the Revenue Services in identifying taxpayers. An 11-digit number is used to identify each person who has enrolled. However, it is now used as the primary identity of any Brazilian national, foreigner, resident, or non-resident wishing to do any business in Brazil.


  • CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Fsicas)
  • Natural Persons Register
  • For individuals
  • 11-digits number
  • To identify natural persons

  • CNPJ (Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Jurdica)
  • National Registry of Juridical Persons
  • For business
  • 14-digits number
  • To identify companies, NGOs, political parties, societies, foundations, churches, and any other non-natural persons

What is the purpose of a CPF?

  • A Brazilian CPF is required if you wish to:
  • Buy a car or real estate in Brazil
  • Pay tax in Brazil
  • Open a bank account in Brazil
  • Start a business in Brazil
  • Join the Brazilian Army
  • Immigrate to Brazil Get a driving license in Brazil
  • Get a cellphone plan in Brazil
  • Purchase beyond basic items in Brazil
  • Send money to Brazil

    How to apply for a CPF?

    If you were born in Brazil, you most likely already have a CPF number. Many parents get a CPF number for their children while they are still minors to make things easier. If, for some reason, you have never had a CPF number issued to you yet, the following steps will help you.

    Step 1: Fill out and print the CPF form from the Federal Revenue Bureau.

    Step 2: Gather the required documents:

For Brazilian nationals:

  • Brazilian ID card or birth certificate;
  • For residents aged 18 to 70, you will also need your voter’s card.
  • Valid Passport
  • For foreign residents:
  • RNE (Foreign National Registry) or CIE (Foreigner ID Card)

For non-residents: - Passport - Proof of ID

Step 3: Fill out and print the postal request form, if you mail your CPF request from a country other than Brazil.

Step 4: If you are outside of Brazil, submit your request to a Brazilian consulate, the Banco do Brasil, Caixa Econômica Federal, or Correios Post Office.

Follow the same process if you are applying for a CPF from outside Brazil, except that you must do it through a Brazilian consulate or embassy. You can either book an appointment to submit your request in person or mail your documents to them.

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