Understanding Bank of China Account Number

By Remitbee - Oct 28, 2022

The Bank of China (BOC) is the most extended, continuously operating bank in China, formally established in 1912. After 1949, the Bank of China started to provide services such as national foreign exchange, foreign trade professional bank services, managing national foreign exchange, carrying out international trade settlement, overseas remittance, and other non-trade foreign exchange business.

Fast forward to 2006, the Bank of China took the lead in listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock exchange as the first “A+H” listed bank in China. In 2022, the Bank of China celebrated its 110th anniversary and continues to be a world-class modern banking group.

If you want to know your Bank of China account number, you can check your Bank Statement, Bank Account Voucher, Online Banking App/Website, and Bank Card/Bank Book.

Bank of China (Mainland China)

The Bank of China in China account number usually has 19 digits. If you are doing a fund transfer from your account to another bank account, you may personally ask the bank to confirm the other account’s number.

Remember that China does not have the International Bank Account Number (IBAN); instead, they use the China National Automatic Payment System (CNAPS), which has 12 digits. You may confirm with your bank the CNAPS you should enter to make the transfer and the entry format. You may refer to this list of bank CNAPS codes here

It is also worth noting that you also need the SWIFT code of the account where you will transfer money, the address of the specific Bank of China branch, and the recipient’s account number to make your remittance transaction successful.

Bank of China (Hong Kong)

The Bank of China operates in other Chinese territories, including Hong Kong. If you have a BOC (HK) bank card, you may link it to other bank accounts. To find your Account Number, you may check your bank statement or see your BOC (HK) online banking app or website.

Usually, the Bank of China (Hong Kong) bank account number has 11 digits. The bank code is generally 012, but you may consult your bank to confirm.

Sample Account Number:

HKD transfer: 6111167 (in this case, you do not need to insert the bank code 012)
USD/CNH transfer: 6119167 (in this case, you do not need to insert the bank code 012)

Bank of China (Singapore)

If you live in Singapore, you can also have a Bank of China account.

The new account number of the Bank of China (Singapore) contains 15 digits. Your new account number will begin with 6500, a standard code. It will be followed by an 11-digit account number starting with a 9 after the 6599. This 11-digit number will be the account number you should use when filling up your Giro application form. Let’s say your account number is 650091234567890; then “91234567890” will be your account number in Giro form.

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