Top Indian Restaurants in Surrey

By Remitbee - Jan 15, 2022

People travel for different sorts of reasons. Some travel to places and meet new people, some are up for an adventure to get to know themselves better, and some travel to sample the authentic dishes of the country they are visiting. Whatever your reason, we can all agree on one thing, travelling is a fun activity.

Sad to say, some hindrances may keep you from engaging in this type of activity. Factors such as money, old age, family responsibilities, limited work vacations, and the pandemic may get in the way of your plans to travel the world and see what these countries offer.

However, don’t lose hope. There are still different ways to “travel to” your destination without leaving the country or even your city or town.

A Taste of India in Surrey, British Columbia

Surrey in British Columbia is part of Metro Vancouver. This city will allow you to live closer to nature as it is dotted with urban forests, golf courses, and clean beaches. Another good thing is that if you have been dying to taste authentic Indian food but can’t travel to Canada today, we have compiled the top five Indian restaurants in Surrey you can visit to taste and learn from the art of Indian food.

1. Delight Indian Bistro

Address: 2215 160 St. #50, Surrey, BC V3S 9N6
Phone: 605-560-0500

What sets Delight Indian Bistro apart from other Indian restaurants in Surrey is that their talented and experienced chefs create unique Indian dishes from old family recipes. This classic take on Indian cuisine allows you to taste the symphony of old and new flavours of authentic Indian dishes. The best part, you will also be transported to the streets of India when you eat here because they offer Indian street foods that not all Indian restaurants offer. Also, don’t forget to order something special from their beverage menu!

Must try: Butter Chicken, Chili Chicken, Chicken Saag Wala, Shahi Paneer, and Walnut Brownie with Ice Cream

2. Rasoi East Indian Cuisine Restaurant

Address: 3268 King George Blvd. #1, Surrey, BC V4P 1A5
Phone: 604-536-4600

Eating at Rasoi is like discovering a treasure. This Indian restaurant in Surrey offers unique and exciting Indian dishes using fresh ingredients and authentic Indian spices. This restaurant cooks contemporary Indian food with hints of orient influences, producing signature dishes that showcase authentic Indian and Hakka Chinese cuisine.

When you host parties, you can also avail of their catering services so that you and your guests can feast on delicious Indian food that will make you all feel that you’re in India.

Must try: Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Lamb Corma, and Garlic Naan

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2. Curry Bistro

Address: 13448 108 Ave., Surrey, BC V3T 2K1
Phone: 605-498-5806

Curry Bistro is known for its tasty Indian food served in generous portions. This restaurant’s calm environment will blow your mind—in a good way! Its homey vibe makes it an ideal place to hang out, whether you want to date yourself or dine with family, friends, and colleagues.

Their menu includes appetizers, tandooris, veggie dishes, chicken dishes, lamb dishes, prawn specialties, rice, bread, beverages, desserts, and sides. If you want to know which dishes are best paired with each other, you can also order from their Sunday special lunch menu.

Must try: Fish Pakora, Boat Biryani, Raita, Chicken Tikka, Samosas, Butter Chicken, and Rogan Josh

3. My Shanti by Vikram Vij

Address: 15869 Croydon Dr., Surrey, BC V3S 0G2
Phone: 604-560-4416

Eating at My Shanti is like travelling with Vikram Vij when he went to different kitchens of home cooks and chefs on streets, food stalls, homes, and restaurants to learn various cooking techniques that showcase the diversity and richness of authentic Indian food.

This restaurant offers appetizers, vegetarian dishes, seafood, meat, and sides. They also offer vegan and gluten-free options. After eating the boldly flavoured, authentic Indian dishes, you can also order drinks from the bar.

If you are taking yourself out on a date in My Shanti, you can ask for half portions of food if you can’t finish the dish all by yourself.

Must try: Garlic Naan, Bombay Smashed Potatoes, Pakoras, Jackfruit Curry, and Indian Pork Curry

4. Madras Club House

Address: 13737 72 Ave. #130, Surrey, BC V3W 2P2
Phone: 605-592-2865

Aside from delicious Indian food in generous portions, Madras Club House is known for its unparalleled service and friendly staff who are eager to give you the best Indian dining experience outside India you could ever have. Their menu items include vegan and non-vegan options, soups, sides, and dosa. If this is your first time eating Indian dishes, you can ask for their must-try options that are carefully handpicked from their menu.

Must try: Dosa, Chennai Style Biryani, Kothu Parantha, Parota, Lamb Curry, Chicken Chukka with Parotta and Chettinad Soup, and Chili Paneer

When you visit these Indian restaurants, make your dining activity worthwhile by taking the chance to talk with the staff and owners and learn a thing or two more about India’s extraordinary culture!

Travelling is an awesome activity, but when doing so is not possible due to different circumstances, you can always visit restaurants that serve authentic international cuisine for you to experience their food, hospitality, and culture.

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