Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts For Long-Distance Couples

By Remitbee - Jan 24, 2022

Valentine's day is one of the year's most anticipated events for many couples. It is one of the few times of the year when they can make sweet gestures for their partner. And what more endearing way to celebrate this special day than to give your partner a gift!

For couples who are close to each other, giving gifts might be simple. However, some people in long-distance relationships must make an extra effort to provide presents to make the day special despite the distance. Hence, knowing the best long-distance gift ideas for Valentine's day is important.

Yes, presents aren't as important as beautiful words, hugs, and kisses. Still, they are a sweet way to display your love for your partner and show how much you appreciate them even when they aren't with you.

This article reveals the top 5 Valentine's Day gifts for long-distance couples to make sure your partner feels your love on this special day. Read on, love birds!

5. Stuffed Toy

Let's start with the most basic of gifts: a stuffed toy. This may seem overrated, but giving stuffed toys to your long-distance partner on Valentine's Day can be very meaningful. This can provide them comfort during the bad days and is an excellent substitution for your absence. You may not be around on this particular day, but this stuffed toy can be their cuddle buddy every day!

Unlike many other famous Valentine's Day presents like chocolate or flowers, stuffed toys last a long time. They can also act as long-term recollections of past Valentine's dates, bringing back fond memories.

4. Handkerchief Bouquet

If your partner is someone who can't go out without a handkerchief, a handkerchief bouquet is a perfect present. Giving them actual flowers on this day is so predictable and impractical since it's only going to wither. But with a handkerchief bouquet, you can ensure that it will last, and they can use it to wipe their tears when they are sad.

This gift is not only for girls. Since it is not a natural flower, it is also one of the best long-distance gift ideas for boyfriends.

3. Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Want a "touching way" to let your partner know you're thinking of them, no matter where you're both in the world? Send a "touch" with long-distance touch bracelets to sweeten their day!

Touch is a vital aspect of a relationship. This is something long-distance partners don't get to experience every day because of the proximity. While there is no replacement for actual touch, there is a way you can show your presence without actually being in the same place.

If bracelets aren't for you, there are similar gifts like pillows, nightlights etc. Pick out what relates to your relationship best.

2. Letter

It is possible to send messages through various messaging apps and websites. But it lessens the meaning of the message you are trying to convey. A handwritten letter ensures that every word and the emotion of the letter is well expressed.

You can use scented stationeries and your most recent picture to make the letter sweeter and heartfelt. Not only that, but a letter gift is budget-friendly and more personalized!

1. Cash

Cash may be a quirky gift during Valentine's Day, but it is one of the best long-distance gift ideas for couples starting their family. For couples just beginning their journey as partners, giving flowers, toys, and the like is okay. But for married couples, giving money is not just a sign of love, but it also signifies responsibility and trust. It is also convenient because you can do it through RemitBee without hassle!

Although less romantic, cash allows the recipient to get something they want. So, as you're making last-minute buying decisions, think about skipping a present altogether and instead settle for physical money.

RemitBee Money Transfer - Perfect for Long-Distance Couples!

Being away from your partner is one of the saddest feelings ever. But not being with them during special days is the worst. Luckily, with the help of RemitBee, everything is possible, like sending cash as a long-distance relationship gift online. With just simple clicks on our phones, we can make our partners feel appreciated and happy.

The items on the list are only some of the few things you can give to the special people in your life. When picking the best gift, you should make sure that they can use it to remind them of your love.

The key is to be creative and innovative. It doesn't matter whether it is expensive or not, as long as you make them feel that they are always present in your mind and heart, whether it's Valentine's Day or just a typical day.

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