Top 5 US Tax Accountants in Calgary

By Remitbee - May 17, 2022

Maybe you're an American working in Canada. Perhaps you're an investor or businessman in America but are based in Calgary. The tax season is waving at you again, and it has never been easy figuring out how much to pay to fulfill your obligations abroad.

With over 20,000 Americans living in Calgary, the incoming tax season calls for the perfect people to arrange their US taxes. Fear not, as we've listed some of Calgary's best US tax accountants you can surely trust.

International Tax Services

International Tax Services is anchored on providing the most convenient services by ensuring that anything you need is already available with them. As the name suggests, it aims to cater to every cross-border tax accounting, including the USA. Whether you're an employee, businessman, or investor, the firm ensures that every client gets personalized service.

The International Tax Services houses many professionals with different titles both from Canada and the US. For instance, they have CPAs specializing in Canadian taxes and CPAs based on the regulations provided by the US. Other professionals include CGA, CO, and many others.

The firm makes sure that all professionals are well-updated about new accounting policies from both nations. Overall, the International Tax Services focuses on technicalities, reflecting attention to detail and accuracy.

Phone: 403-237-8586 Fax: 403-775-6672 Email: [email protected] Address: Westmount Corporate Campus, 4838 Richard Road SW. Suite 300 Website:

MC Professional Accountant

MC Professional Accountant has served US and Canadian clients for more than 20 years. And with the kind of experience they have, you surely won't doubt their expertise in the field. Their primary focus is inclined to financial advice, and they mainly specialize in personal taxes, small-to-medium enterprises, and non-profit organizations.

Aside from cross-border taxes, MC Professional Accountant also offers help in business accounting and advisory services. Their website provides a convenient way of inquiring with a brief form to tell your concerns.

To give you more assurance, the principal who manages MC's operations is Mr. Phil Montaho, a well-known public accountant, general accountant, and ACIS. Most importantly, objectivity, quality, and integrity are their core values.

Phone: 403-450-8388 Fax: 877-296-0938 Address: 4714 1 Street SW, Calgary Website:

True North Accounting

Although True North Accounting is well known for its excellence in catering to small businesses, the firm has also set the bars high for cross-border accounting between the US and Canada. Aside from taxes, they also offer bookkeeping, financial reports, strategy sessions with a CPA, and many others.

What's special about this firm is that they offer purely online and modernized facilities. They have interactive software where you can sign up for a plan and get your taxes (or any other financial affairs) done automatically. So basically, it's like you've almost hired a personal accountant.

You may also opt to schedule a meeting to further discuss your expectations and needs. Although the pricing can be high, it's only fair for their excellent, accurate, and personalized services.

Phone: (587) 329-0972 Email: [email protected] Address: 210 7 St., NE, Calgary Website:

H&R Block

H&R Block is another perfect virtual accountant for busy people. They also offer software that's more affordable compared to True North. If you don't mind some limitations and occasional hassles, H&R Block may be a great alternative.

And what's even better with this platform is that cross-border taxation is the focus of their services– US tax filing, treaty benefits in the US and Canada, assistance with IRS staff, coordination of credits, etc.

Their website also has easy navigation for students, SMEs, newcomers, US taxpayers, military, and retirees. You may drop your documents on-site, through the mail, through software, or even remotely. They also have a quick calculator to give a tentative estimate of your taxes due.

Phone: 1-800-472-5625 Address: Unit# 104 1029 17 Ave SW, Calgary Website:

Amplify Advisors Inc.

Amplify Advisors Inc. offers a wide variety of services aside from cross-border tax accounting. The firm also has a high rating and is one of Calgary's go-to accounting service providers for small businesses and newcomers. Amplify Advisors also house the best accountants in town– some are even practicing independently for years. This firm is perfect for people who have special needs.

They provide personalized advice and a detailed, one-on-one session between a CPA and client to ensure that the outcome fits their expectations. If you want extensive planning for your real estate taxes, retirement plan, and investment, Amplify Advisors may be the one you're looking for.

The process is also very easy. After filing a request, you only need to wait for an accountant to call you. You may have a face-to-face meeting ASAP, depending on what you've talked about.

Phone: 1-587-747-3955 Email: [email protected] Address: 64 Cougar Ridge Green, Calgary Website:

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