Top 5 Sri Lankan Businesses And Grocery Stores in Montreal

By Remitbee - May 27, 2021

Restaurant Jolee

Restaurant Jolee, a family restaurant, is one of Montreal's most famous for Sri Lankan Cuisines. It has been specializing in delivering authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine since opening in 2001. Jolee offers you plenty of exotic and spicy dishes to satisfy your thrill tastes at a friendly and affordable price. For those of you who are in a hurry or want a taste of Sri Lanka from the comfort of your own home, Jolee offers fast and efficient delivery and take-out service.

Address- 5495 Victoria Avenue, Montreal, Quebec, H3W 2P9 Phone- 514.733.6362

Épicerie sri-lankaise "Marché Geeveni"

Épicerie sri-lankaise "Marché Geeveni" is the reliable grocery store of your day-to-day household essentials for Sri Lankan and South Asian groceries and other items required for authentic cooking. You can find Vegetables, Snacks, Sweets, Cakes, Healthcare, Household & Other Essential Products under one roof. Épicerie Sri-Lanka rise "Marché Geeveni" aims to help people find and embrace that aspect of our lives to connect Sri Lankans in Canada with their family, friends and communities back home.

Address - 534 Rue Saint-Roch, Montréal, QC H3N 1K6, Canada Phone - (514) 279-8145

V.I.P Restaurant

At the southeastern edge of Parc Ex, home Sri Lankan Cuisines. Looking for tasty roti rolls? the glass case by VIP is loaded with roti rolls, stuffed with delicious mounds of mashed potato, onion, chillies, and turmeric — so good. You can find varieties of Sri Lankan cuisines such as Paratha, Kothu, and Biriyani. V.I.P also offers take-out service.

Address - 370 Avenue Beaumont Montreal, QC H3N 1T4 Canada Phone - (514) 277-6507

Restaurant BMS

Restaurant BMS is a place to discover Sri Lankan Masala Thosa. By the quality offered at each bite and by the immensity of each plate come to feast your taste buds by savouring our famous Sri Lankan. Restaurant BMS is known for biriyani, varieties of kothu, and varieties of thosa. You can take your order or eat on site.

Address - 12205 Boulevard Gouin O, Pierrefonds, QC H8Z 1V9 Canada Phone - (514) 683-9090

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Janani Restaurant

Janani Restaurant serves authentic Sri Lankan gastronomy with our very own innovative and modern touch aiming to showcase the island nation’s multiple cuisines. They have a variety of dishes include kottu roti, a dish based around chilis, black pepper, eggs, and a choice of meat. During times of high demand, it’s best to make your orders in advance. Pak Foods is highly rated for its customer service and will be responsive by phone at 1-905-864-4455.

Address - 6450 Victoria Ave, Montreal, Quebec H3W 2S6 Phone - (514) 903-8300

Shopping locally is a great way to support those in your community, and get a taste of home.

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