Top 5 Must-Have Apps for Newcomers to Canada

By Remitbee - Sep 22, 2021

Is moving to Canada on top of your bucket list? If you’ve ticked that box just now, congratulations and welcome to the Great White North. Of course, moving to another country is not a walk in the park. If you are one of the newcomers to Canada, you might find yourself in a disarray even in doing simple things such as buying essentials, visiting tourist attractions, or finding the nearest laundry shop to your accommodation.

Thanks to the digitalization of the world, all information you’ll ever need is stored and found online. With the right apps, you can make your living experience in Canada as a newcomer less hassle and more convenient.

If you’ve just moved to Canada in the past few days or months, here are top 5 must-have apps you should download to your smartphone (listed in no particular order)


Despite the threat of the pandemic, Canada has still opened its doors to immigrants. To safeguard the citizens in the country against the spread of the virus, the ArriveCAN app is required before vaccinated travellers can enter the country’s borders.

If you are coming to Canada, expected to download and register in the app before you enter. Here you will provide your contact number and quarantine information, including your vaccination. This app is available both for Android and iOS smartphones.

Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps

Due to its size, Canada is one of the countries that experience diverse weather systems. The northern and southern parts of the country often experience different weather on the same day. Whether you’re a newcomer to Canada or someone who has lived here all your life, it is best to download the Weather: Forecast & Radar Maps app. Doing so will help you be aware of what the weather will be like in the place and time of the city or countryside in Canada you’ll be visiting.


If you just moved to Canada recently, there’s a high possibility that you are not yet aware of what and where you can eat, let alone know where you can score the best poutine for the right value of your money.

When it comes to food, SkipTheDishes app is one of the top apps newcomers to Canada should have in their smartphones. This app makes it easy for you to order food online from restaurants near you regardless of what time of the day it is. The best part? Once you order, you earn points which will earn you a free food reward!


One of the reasons why immigrants are moving to Canada is to acquire quality education or seek greener pastures due to the sheer number of high-paying jobs in the country to build their dreams or support their families back home.

Whether you’re a student or an employee in the country, finding a job is essential as this will help you have a comfortable life in the country and have enough to spend on yourself and share with your family.

The CareerBuilder app makes it convenient for you to do your job search online. You can filter your search based on location so you can find work in a place where you want to work. Details included in the job search are the location, company review, salary, and skills requirement.

With the AI technology of this app, you can also create within minutes a complete, professional, and personalized resume that showcases your background and skills.


If you moved to Canada to work and give your family a better life back home, you must be searching for the best and most reliable online money transfer service company in Canada that you can fully trust to send your hard-earned money to the hands of your loved ones.

If that is the case, Remitbee is the only money transfer app you’ll need to have. Owned and operated by immigrants to Canada, the people behind this company know how important it is to safely send your money to your family wherever they may be.

Remitbee’s exchange rates are cheaper compared to banks and other remittance companies available in the country so you save more as you send money through this app. What is more, the entire online platform and app of Remitbee undergo constant updates to ensure that you can send money fast, easy, and efficiently. In as little as a few hours, your family back home can receive the money you sent.

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A New Chapter in Canada

Moving to Canada may be a bit overwhelming especially for newcomers. But as you allow these top 5 apps to assist you in your transition period, you can be sure that you’ll find it a lot easier to adjust to your new life in Canada. As you get used to the basics of what it is like to live in this beautiful country after a couple of days, you can proceed to do other things you can do during your first week stay to make the most out of your new life in the country such as making friends, having fun, and staying safe.

May this article help lessen your fears as a newcomer to Canada and increase your excitement as you write a new chapter of your life in this country.