Top 5 Indian Restaurants in Guelph

By Remitbee - Nov 18, 2021

Aside from its rich history and cultural attractions, the city of Guelph has long been ranked as one of Canada's top 10 safest cities. Whether you're coming to visit or settling down, Guelph provides a safe community to live in. But wait!

Because of Canada's cold and freezing winter, many of us enjoy cuisines' hot and spicy sensations. It's no surprise that restaurants serving different foods have sprung up in literally every corner of Guelph throughout the years, including Indian cuisines!

Why hassle to travel when you can have a taste of India right here in Guelph, Ontario? Indian cuisine is one of the underrated cuisines that certainly deserves more recognition. If you are craving, here is our list of the best Indian restaurants in Guelph that you must visit.

Diwa Classic Indian Cuisine

Diwa Classic Indian Cuisine is a family-run Indian restaurant in Guelph that serves traditional Indian cuisine and a lunch buffet. This Indian restaurant provides outstanding service and treats each customer as a family member by offering authentic Indian foods.

If you like to eat on the go, this place is perfect for you as they offer takeaway options. At Diwa Classic, you can have the most appetizing Indian meals for a very reasonable price. Waiters also serve the most delicious beer ever - their Mango Lassi!

This is undoubtedly the best Indian restaurant in Guelph and the top-rated curry spot in the city. It doesn't matter what you eat; everything is tasty here.

Address: 336 Speedvale Ave W Guelph, ON N1H Phone: (519) 826-9711

Bombay Kitchen

First opened its doors in 2015, Bombay Kitchen Fine is a restaurant in Guelph specializing in Indian food. Signature meals include Butter Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala, and they are open six days a week for lunch and dinner.

As far as Indian buffets go, many people highly recommend Bombay Kitchen. This restaurant prioritizes high-quality, nutritious meals, and they prepare all of their sauces.

This is a great spot to go with a group or yourself as the food is always fresh, hot, and ready. Their dining space is well-organized and clean - plus the servers are very accommodating!

Bombay Kitchen offers takeout, delivery, and catering. So, if looking for the best Indian restaurant in Guelph, this is a great place to try something new.

Address: 105 Macdonell Street Guelph, ON N1H 2Z7 Phone: (519) 821-3343

Fusion Indian Restaurant And here Top 5 Indian restaurants in Mississauga

Have you heard about a restaurant that is still relatively new but makes you feel at home with its savoury and comforting meals? Introducing Ontario's latest addition, Fusion Indian Restaurant.

It's not easy to find authentic Indian restaurants that serve high-quality foods. That is why Fusion Indian Restaurant in Guelph only serves perfectly made Indian foods to the customers. This restaurant fuses traditional North and South Indian cuisine.

Even you have lived in India for many years, this place will still blow you away because guess what? Their buffet price is unbeatable! Check out this place if you're ready to go beyond the standard.

Address: 96 Gordon Street Guelph, ON N1H 4H6 Phone: (519) 265-0999

Spice Roots

Spice Roots is a famous Indian restaurant in Guelph that uses high-quality ingredients to create a strong impression of authentic and delicious Indian cuisine. Spice Roots specializes in North Indian cuisine, which is prepared with aromatic spices and natural herbs.

Fresh meats such as chicken, fish, seafood, lamb, goat, plus many vegetarian options are available here. Each of their specialties is prepared to perfection, leaving you with a scent and taste that will have you going back for more.

Try their popular Lamb Kadhai! It is made with boneless lamb, onions, and green peppers and cooked in a Kadhai sauce.

It's an Indian restaurant that is authentic to Indian culture. Most Indian restaurants today simplify their menus; this restaurant is not one of them. On so many levels, their food is fragrant and tasty. If you live near the area, you will for sure make a weekly trip to this lovely restaurant. Spice Roots offers catering, from on-site to delivery.

Address: 200 Kortright Road W Guelph, ON N1G Phone: (519) 780-5222

Bollywood Bistro

The Bollywood Bistro is a well-known Indian restaurant in Guelph that serves East Indian cuisine in a traditional setting. Giving you a memorable eating experience is their top priority. They serve authentic Indian food - a little more expensive than others - but it's well worth it!

Even if you have never tasted Indian cuisine before, you will not be disappointed. The restaurant's new location is an upgrade. It's a lot brighter now, and there is more parking. Overall, Bollywood Bistro is, without a doubt, people's favourite Indian restaurant in Guelph.

Address: 3-561 York Road Guelph, ON N1E 3J3 Phone: (519) 821-3999

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