Top 5 Filipino Restaurants in Calgary

By Remitbee - Jan 22, 2021

“Keep calm and eat adobo,” says Ben, one of our Filipino friends in Calgary while under the pressure of working for long hours. Isn’t it quite true? It is very comforting to find something from our home country that gives us the feeling of being back home. It reminds us of the good old days and instantly transports us to the warmth of Manila. While it is good to try different cuisines, we still can’t help but crave for our own. Many have mastered cooking Filipino food in their own homes but some struggle a lot due to busy schedules or perhaps a mix of culture inside the household. But in case you crave Filipino food last minute, we’ve listed down some of the top picks Ben shared with us. And yes, they do deliver!

Max’s Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant has established itself as a household name in the Philippines, an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition. Known for it’s tender, juicy, and deliciously crispy chicken, the restaurant’s popularity grew over the years and became known as “The House That Fried Chicken Built.” Now a global brand, Max’s Restaurant serves real, authentic Philippine cuisine at over 200 locations in the Philippines, 8 in the Middle East, and 17 in North America.

Address: 3581 20 Ave NE Calgary, AB T1Y 6R3 Contact: (403) 453-2111


Known for the long lines at every overseas store opening, Jollibee is a market leader among fast-food chains in the Philippines. Its growth is due to its delicious menu line-up - its superior-tasting Chickenjoy, mouth-watering Yumburger and Champ hamburger, and deliciously satisfying Jollibee Spaghetti. A stronghold of heritage and monument of Filipino pride.

Address: 999 36 St. NE #10150 Calgary, AB T2A 7X6 Contact: (587) 323-4788

Barrio Fiesta

A family-style restaurant, they serve almost all of the classic and authentic home-cooked Filipino food you can think of. Their house specialties are Sinigang na Baka, Nilagang Baka, Kare-Kare, Beef Caldereta, Dinuguan, Menudo, Lechon Kawali, Adobo, Sinigang, Bistek Tagalog, Boneless Bangus, Barrio Fiesta Flying Tilapia (a unique find), Fried Tilapia XL, Laing, and Bulalo. They are available on Uber Eats.

Address: 170 6800 Memorial Drive NE Calgary, AB T2A 6V3 Contact: (403) 272-2970

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Adobo Experience

Adobo Experience takes you on a delicious experience with their authentic Filipino dishes. Feast on Traditional Adobo, Chicken Stir-fry Noodles, and Bicol Express. You can also order food “Boodle Fight” style - a meal that dispenses with cutlery and dishes. Diners instead practice “kamayan” which means “eating with the hands.” They are also available on Uber Eats.


4303 17th Avenue Southeast Contact: (403) 475-9188

2770 Glenmore Trail Contact: (403) 475-9978

3745 Memorial Drive East Contact: (403) 984-8400

7 Seas Seafood & Grill Restaurant

This restaurant offers outstanding choices for the most authentic Filipino Seafood Cuisine. They highly recommend their famous Sauteed Mussel Soup - Ginisang Tahong that comes with the freshest mussels lusciously sauteed in ginger and Asian vegetables, simmered into a lip-smacking broth that will surely leave you the most memorable bite. You can have your orders delivered through SkipTheDishes

Address: 7521 Macleod Trl SW Calgary, Alberta T2H OL8 Canada Contact: (403) 252-8087

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