Top 5 Filipino Groceries in Scarborough

By Remitbee - Sep 28, 2021

There are numerous culture shocks that occur with moving to another nation. The cuisine of Canada and many Asian countries is a significant point of differentiation. People who come to Canada from nations such as the Philippines, India, Malaysia, and other surrounding countries are likely to be accustomed to eating food that is vastly different from the food they will encounter in their new country.

The fact that various diets are affected by local ingredients and recipes are based on popular local spices means that immigrants may have difficulty acquiring the materials they need to prepare traditional meals in normal Canadian grocery stores.

Throughout this article, we'll go through the top 5 grocery stores in the Scarborough area where you can buy items from the Philippines. The establishments on this list range from large marketplaces to online groceries.

1. Seafood City Supermarket Scarborough

Address: 20 Lebovic Avenue Unit E1, Scarborough, ON, M1L 4V9, Canada Phone: (647) 847-5382 / (403) 612-0706

Seafood City Supermarket focuses on Filipino foods and products, as well as a broad range of Asian imports and American staples. But they've evolved into much more than a supermarket. It is a gathering place for the Filipino community. It is a Filipino grocery company with 8 locations in the United States and Canada, which was established in 1989. They launched their first Canadian facility in Mississauga, Ontario, in 2017, and their second site in Calgary, Alberta, in 2020. In addition, they have locations in Edmonton, Scarborough, and Winnipeg.

2. Sunshine Grocery (Online)

Address: 21 Canadian Rd, Unit 18 & 19, Scarborough, ON MIE 5G2 Phone: (416) 546-4506

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Sunshine Grocery Delivery was established. Sunshine Party Rentals is now on hold due to the cancellation of major events like parties and conferences. When the neighbourhood is under lockdown, people may find it tough to go out to the grocery store and face lengthy lines for food and other necessities and is especially difficult for the elderly and those with young children. Sunshine Grocery delivers your purchases to your door with no driver interaction. We follow a rigorous safety protocol, always wearing face masks and gloves and disinfecting our vehicles.

3. Top Food Supermarket

Address: 2715 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1P 2S2 Phone: (416) 752-3666

Top Food Supermarket is one of Toronto's major Chinese supermarkets focusing on customers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines, China, Japan, South Korea, Middle East, Europe and USA. They offer a wide variety of fresh produce, fish, meat, and household items to meet the needs of a diverse Canadian population.

4. Al Premium Food Mart

Address: 1970 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1L 2M6 Phone: (416) 751-3666

Al Premium Food Mart is one of the only large-scale supermarkets in Toronto that serves over a million visible minorities residents. Besides the usual grocery store staples like vegetables, fruits, milk, and potato chips, Al Premium proudly stocks things for the East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Southeast Asian (Malaysian, Thai, Filipino), European, Canadian, and South Asian (India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) diaspora. They have three big stores in Toronto and 5 Walmart locations in Toronto and Vancouver since 2015.

5. Baker’s Best Bakery

Address: 4915 Steeles Ave E Unit 7, Scarborough, ON M1V 4Z4, Canada Phone: (416) 291-2122

Since 1995, they have developed from humble beginnings baking in their home kitchen to a retail bakery proudly serving Filipinos in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Their freshly baked pandesal, baked pastries, and native delights are must-try items from their store.

Any of these grocery stores is a wonderful place to start whether you're homesick or just want to create your favourite Filipino recipes. You might even meet some fellow immigrants!

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