Top 10 Father's Day Gift Ideas: Cool Gifts For Your Cool Dad!

By Remitbee - Jun 8, 2022

Dads are the best, aren't they? They are always there for a friendly chat, a helping hand around the house, and a hearty laugh. But what do you get the man who has everything?

Father's Day is near, and if you're like most people, you're probably running around to find the perfect gift for your dad. Here is a compilation of the best gift ideas for Father's Day that will please even the pickiest papa.

Wrist Watch

A wristwatch is a classic gift that any father can appreciate, available on Amazon at around $200. It's a present that he can use every day, and it's a thoughtful way to show him that you care about his time.

But seriously, a watch is an excellent gift for any dad, whether he's a fashion-savvy trendsetter or a practical man who values function over form. And with so many different types of watches on the market, it's easy to find one that suits his taste.

New Tie

A new tie is a great gift for fathers who have to dress up for work or special occasions. You can find a wide variety of colours and styles among the collection of high-quality ties on Amazon at 100 dollars.

A nice, new tie is a small gesture that can make him feel more confident and influential at work, making him feel more valued and powerful as a father!

Gillette Heated Razor

It's a self-heating razor that simulates the sensation of a hot towel shave. It goes well with a can of shaving cream. It only costs $170 at Amazon's online shop. This is the perfect gift for our fathers because their mustaches grow so fast while they're pressured at work. Aside from that, it is a self-hating razor that every father would love to try and use, especially when the weather is cold.

Pluto Pillow

This is not your usual pillow. It's a pillow tailored to our dad's sleeping choices, from height to length to extra padding. This pillow is only $85 and is available from

We all know that our fathers occasionally arrive home late at night. Giving them a pillow as a gift is a great way to show them how much we love them, plus it will help them sleep better at night.

Lark bottles

Lark bottles use UV rays to keep bacteria out of dad's water bottle. This bottle is well-insulated, stylish, and has an Adventure Mode that speeds up the sanitizing process. Our dads spend most of their time at their computers or in meetings, and having their water bottles will be very useful in their daily work. It only costs $99 and can be purchased at or Bespoke Post.

Gift Card

A gift card to his favourite restaurant or store is a great way to show your dad that you know what he likes and that you want to make it easy for him to get what he wants. You can get the card from any restaurant's website for 250 dollars (the price may vary).

It is a good gift since it will bring him to give him a new environment where he can rest and reflect on how he played the role of a father. Show your dad that you care about him and want him to be happy, even if it means letting him make his own choices!

Gift Basket

Aside from a gift card, a gift basket is also a great way to show your dad that you genuinely care about him and you want to give him a little something extra. You can find gift baskets at Amazon for around $270, so they're not exactly going to break the bank either!

The best part about giving a gift basket is that it will have something for everyone. Whether it's candy or other treats, there will be something for everyone who likes sweet things and something for those who prefer savoury snacks. It is a way to show your dad that you think of him and want to make his day special.


Sometimes it seems like fathers are impossible to shop for. However, one gift is affordable and sure to please: a book. Whether your father is a history buff or a mystery fan, you can find a book to suit his taste.

And if you're struggling to decide, you can always give him a gift card to his favourite bookstore. Best of all, a book is a gift that keeps on giving - he can enjoy it again and again. So if you're stuck for ideas this Father's Day, remember that a book is always a good choice.

Tool Set

There's no need to stress about what to get dad for Father's Day - a tool set is always a great choice! Whether he loves spending time in his workshop or is always working on DIY projects around the house, a new toolset is a go-to. Plus, it's a practical gift that will last for years.

Whatever you decide, make sure the tool set comes with a big mug of coffee and a box of donuts. After all, no job is complete without a break from caffeine and sugar!


They say that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But if you're looking to get to your dad's heart this Father's Day, you might want to try a different route: his wallet. Cash is always a surefire way to show your father how much you care.

With RemitBee, sending money to your loved ones has never been easier. Just enter your recipient's information, choose how much you want to send, and hit send! RemitBee will transfer your remittance instantly, and your dad can use it however he likes. So go ahead and give him the gift of choice this Father's Day - he'll thank you for it later!

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