The Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants In Ottawa

By Remitbee - May 16, 2022

Just like in the rest of Canada, Nigerians have made their mark in the country’s capital city of Ottawa. While Toronto is the most popular metropolitan area in Ontario for Nigerians to settle in, there is a Nigerian community in Ottawa too. Despite the fact that many Nigerians come from many ethnic groups such as Yoruba, Edo, Hausa, and Igbo, one thing that unites them is their appreciation of a good meal.

Maybe you’ve been craving suya or some well-spiced barbeque chicken. Or, you miss the community and feeling that comes from being among your people and having some egusi soup or plantain. No matter the cause, sometimes you need to eat a good plate of Nigerian food to be satisfied.

There’s nothing better than Nigerian home cooking, but sometimes even the best home chef needs a break. Especially if you have a special occasion you want to celebrate and you would like to eat out with your friends or family. If so, it’s time to look at the top Nigerian restaurants in the Ottawa area. Here are five of the top eateries for African cuisine in the nation’s capital.

1. Suya Palace

If you’re craving some grilled meats, there’s only one place to go. As the name suggests, the Nigerian specialty suya is the specialty of the day at Suya Palace African Grill & BBQ. Order the suya made of either beef, goat, or chicken. All of the suya dishes are grilled on hardwood charcoal and come standard with bread and sliced tomato and onion. In the mood for something else? Suya Palace also serves jollof rice, fufu or swallow made with either gari or pounded yam, as well as plantain. Further choices include egusi or bitter leaf soup. Skip The Dishes, Foodora and Uber Eats all deliver from Suya Palace if you prefer to order delivery.

Contact info:

1 (613) 619-4022 460 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6J6

2. YKO Chicken Barbeque

If you like African food and you like BBQ, look no further than YKO. The clue is in the name. As a bonus for Muslim diners, the eatery serves completely halal African food in Vanier area of Ottawa. Chicken done grilled, spicy, and over charcoal is the main idea of YKO’s menu. You can get a whole grilled chicken for yourself and friends or family. Other meats include beef kebab, goat, sheep, and lamb. Soak up the meat juices with sides like plantain, cassava, fries, or kwanga. To wash it all down, the freshly made bissap or ginger juice is a great choice.

Contact info:

1 (613) 747-8947 375 McArthur Ave,, Vanier, ON K1L 6N5

3. Suya Joint African Grill

Another suya specialist, Suya Joint African Grill, is known for its friendly and welcoming service. So popular is the restaurant that even non-Africans flock to taste their generous portions of food. What makes Suya Joint stand out is its attention to detail. Whether it is the freshly cut potatoes for the french fries or an artfully decorated plate of jollof rice and meat, it’s a feast for both the eyes and the stomach.

Contact info: 1(613) 618-1264 1383 Clyde Ave., Nepean, ON K2G 3H7

4. Double 7 Bar & Grill

For those looking for a fun atmosphere with good food and entertainment then Double 7 is the place to relax and fill your belly at the same time. Grilled meats like goat and chicken are a highlight of the menu. Both meat and fish are done here. Your choices If you’re not in the mood for meat range from stewed tilapia, to codfish or mackerel. Sides of plantain or jollof rice round out the selection of African dishes in this Ottawa restaurant.

Contact info: 1 (613) 741-1256 1020 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S2

5. Simba Resto Lounge

Described by those in the know as a hidden gem, expect the menu at Simba Resto Lounge in Ottawa to combine East and West African food items to produce a flavour that will satisfy all types of African appetites. Dishes like chicken, grilled meat and fish are garnished with mixed rice, jollof rice, as well as an all-time favourite, plantain.

Contact info: 1 (613) 744-1371 408 McArthur Ave., Ottawa, ON K1K 1G8

Hopefully, this compilation has provided you with some inspiration for the next time you are hungry for good Nigerian food. We understand the desires and concerns of immigrants in Canada. That’s because here at Remitbee we were founded by immigrants just like you. Nigerians in Canada trust us to send money back home. So check out our fast and trustworthy money transfer service to send money to Nigeria from Canada at a low cost right now.

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