The Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants In Montreal

By Remitbee - May 18, 2022

The largest city in Canada’s Francophone province of Québec is home to a number of Nigerians. Montréal has a thriving diaspora of people of Nigerian descent who have made an impact on the city, just as they have elsewhere throughout Canada. Nigerians in Montréal come from various ethnic groups like Edo, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba. One thing is for sure though, they come together for special events like Nigerian Independence Day or for gatherings put on by community organizations like the Nigerian Canadian Association of Quebec.

One thing that unites the Nigerian diaspora is an appreciation for delicious and flavourful food like pepper soup. While making it at home is best, sometimes you just don’t have the time, ingredients, or would like someone else to do the work — and wash the dishes afterwards! When that time comes and you just have to get a fix of some spicy chicken, goat, or fufu, it’s only natural that you get curious about where to find Nigerian cuisine in Montréal.

Fear not. This guide is here to help. Here’s our pick of the top five Nigerian restaurants in Montréal.

1. Akwaba

Located in the Saint-Léonard area, Akwaba is not in the most central location, but the food is worth travelling for. It serves fusion cuisine drawing its influences from various African dishes and even some international ones. Some of the dishes include jollof rice, plantain, braised beef and chicken, as well as a goat. Craving fufu? That’s on the menu too. It's served with okra soup and you can also choose a seed sauce as an accompaniment. Finish off with some African donuts drenched in pineapple syrup.

Contact info:

1 (514) 507-1186 4541 Rue Bélanger, Montréal, Quebec H1T 1B7

2. Ayo Restaurant

Let’s start with the soups. Ayo Restaurant has it all: authentic pepper soup, fish soup, okra soup, and bitter leaf soup. It also has the Nigerian beef specialty suya. Partner these dishes with jollof rice, beans, fried plantain, or yam. What’s more, Ayo Restaurant in Montréal does catering, so you can use them for your private events that need a special African touch. They also do delivery through DoorDash.

Contact info:

1 (514) 461-4395 9015 Rue Airlie LaSalle, Montréal, QC H8R 2A4

3. Restaurant L'Escape

Large portions, table service, and elegant decor are all trademarks of the highly-rated L’Escape African restaurant in Montréal. The main highlights are the traditional fufu dishes, paired with egusi, ogbono, and bitter leaf sauces. There’s also a large seafood selection like grilled tilapia or mackerel with black-eyed beans, served with plantains or salads. Meats are also limitless, curried or fried or jerk chicken. And a special mention to the "Fire Escape". This famous dish is a very spicy mix of chicken, plantain, potatoes, and fresh vegetables. Be sure to ask for a glass of water with it.

Contact info:

1 (514) 638-4494 5167 Decarie Blvd, Montréal, H3W 3C3

4. Restaurant Hot Africa

Large portions and great prices are sometimes all that you need, and Restaurant Hot Africa does that well, and at multiple branches. It’s a great choice for a quick lunch or takeout food. A well-spiced half chicken, braised sea bass, roasted lamb, rice, and plantain are the main recommended dishes to order here. You can also order African food from this restaurant for delivery on Uber Eats in Montréal if you don’t want to or can’t make it in person.

Contact info:

1 (514) 734-0000 959 Chemin Queen Mary, 5121 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H3W 1X4

5. Le Virunga

For an elevated fine dining African experience in Montréal, there’s only one address, Le Virunga. This restaurant is perfect for impressing that special someone or celebrating a birthday or other occasion. The food is presented artistically but with generous portions. Even the wine list is African: South African specifically. Start your culinary journey with cassava couscous with eggplant and okra. Main dishes to choose from include duck breast, arctic char fillet with mashed cassava, goat stew, leg of mutton, and juicy beef sirloin tip.

Contact info:

1 (514) 504-8642 851 Rue Rachel E, Montréal, Quebec H2J 2H9

Undoubtedly, this selection of restaurants has given you some ideas for the next time you're craving some delicious Nigerian cuisine. We understand your concerns and what's important to you here in Canada. That's because, like you, we are immigrants too. We started Remitbee as a way to help other immigrants avoid unfair bank charges and slow and expensive money transfers. Nigerians in Canada put their confidence in us to send money home. So, to send money to Nigeria from Canada at an affordable rate, check out our fast and reliable money transfer service right now.

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