The Top 5 Nigerian Restaurants In Edmonton

By Remitbee - May 16, 2022

The Nigerian community in Edmonton is a prominent one in the city and numbers up to 3,000 according to a recent census. The Nigerian Canadian Association, on the other hand, counts the number as high as 5,000. Many people of Nigerian origin have made their way to Western Canada, and Edmonton is one of the top cities they choose to make their home. Although the community might be diverse, with many Nigerians coming from different ethnic groups like Yoruba, Edo, Hausa or Igbo, one thing that unites them is the love of good food.

There are various restaurants founded by persons of Nigerian or other origins to cater to this demographic. Why not take a break from cooking Nigerian recipes at home tonight and try a new eatery?

Perhaps you're looking for egusi to satisfy a certain hunger. Or, you simply want a wide variety of dishes and to fill your stomach with excellent food. Whatever your reasons, there is a restaurant in the city that can meet your requirements. Here are the top five Nigerian restaurants in Edmonton.

1. Kaze Finest

Kaze Finest has pilau as one of their main specialties on the menu, and first-time visitors should try their combo of pilau, beef stew and beans. If not in the mood for rice, there’s also a choice of ugali: corn or cassava fufu also with beef stew and beans. The beef barbeque is also a highlight, and less adventurous diners can have it with french fries; fresh, not frozen. Extras and sides include cassava leaf, fried plantains, ndagala, goat stew and beans. In the mood for fish? There’s also fried tilapia. Not to mention a choice of chicken for those who aren’t a fan of beef or goat. The portions are generous, so bring a friend and share a bite with them.

Contact info: 1 (780) 904-2037 8815 118 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5B 0T3

2. Koultures Afro-Continental Restaurant

Since it opened it has been called “a spicy crash course in Nigerian cuisine”. The food at Koultures restaurant in Edmonton has been satisfying patrons for almost 10 years. It styles itself as an “Afro continental” restaurant, which means it has a delicious mix and fusion of flavours from around Africa but also has international flavours. Created by Nigerian chef Uyioghosa Oyairo, the restaurant benefits from her years of experience as a cook through the dishes on the special Nigerian menu. Expect to eat tasty suya beef, fufu, kingfish, egusi soup, goat, pounded yam, and of course, jollof rice. The atmosphere is upbeat and patrons love the music that includes current African hits playing in the background. Order on Door Dash if you cannot make it into the restaurant.

Contact info:

1 (780) 244-3500 8803 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5B 0T3 (

3. Bete Africa

Like other African restaurants in the area, Bete Africa also serves Ethiopian food in addition to its other specialties. Injera and Shiro wat are two dishes this eatery is known for. Friendly service and authentic African decor transport you to the African continent even before your food arrives.

Contact info: 1 (780) 756-3494 9570 111 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5G 0A7 Canada (

4. Liberian Cuisine On Wheels Ltd

The wide variety of food on the menu is the main attraction here. From homemade spaghetti to fried tilapia, to goat soup or fufu, this restaurant has it all. Nigerian dishes include suya meat, ogbono soup, and egusi soup. As the restaurant’s name suggest, there are also Liberian specialties. Adventurous diners can try the jollof rice, palm butter or peanut butter soups, and meat pie and finish off with the donuts for dessert - made only on Saturdays. While reviewers say the prices are higher than other spots, the quality of the food is said to be worth the money. The dine-in experience is sleek and clean, with minimal African arts and crafts on the restaurant walls. There is also delivery via Uber Eats or Door Dash.

Contact info:

1 (780) 803-5885 11720 82 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5Y 1W2 (

5. Nandos

While it is not strictly Nigerian, Nandos is an honourable mention because of its highly flavorful signature African peri-peri chicken. Infused with African and Portuguese influences, Nandos is a safe choice for anyone looking to satisfy their hunger in a pinch. Chicken sandwiches, coleslaw, vegetables, rice, and french fries as well as a spicy sauce to top it off with are all sure to be a hit.

Contact info:

1 (780) 250-7374 11940 104 Ave NW Building 6, Edmonton, AB T5K 0G6 (

Hopefully, this list has given you some ideas. If you're hungry, we suggest you go and try one of these great restaurants as soon as possible. We at Remitbee were started by immigrants just like you, so we understand the needs of those who send money to family and loved ones back home. Nigerians in Canada trust us to send money to their homeland. So, try out our low-cost money transfer service and send money to Nigeria from Canada today!

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