Sri Lankan Greetings

By Remitbee - Apr 23, 2021

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean, located to the south of the Indian Subcontinent. sprawling over the area of 65,525 sq. km. Sri Lankan culture is distinct in terms of ideas, traditional and religious aspects and practices, etiquette, and cuisine, and is strongly. The greeting is a mode of communication in which individuals or groups of people deliberately make their presence known to one another, to display interest in, and to indicate a sort of relationship or social status between them.

The traditional greetings vary from one ethnic group to another. According to Sri Lankan Culture, pressing the palms of one's hands together under the chin and in front of the chest while bowing the head slightly is the traditional and popular salutation. The traditional salutation is always followed by the expression "vannakkam" (in Tamil) or "ayubowan" (in Sinhalese), meaning "may you be blessed with a long life." "In Hindi, an alternative phrase is 'namaste,' which translates literally as "I bow to you. It is popular for people to salute in more casual settings with the word "kohomada," which means "how do you do it?" ”.

It is expected that the oldest person present to be greeted first. When doing so, as a sign of respect, some Sri Lankans will reach down and touch the ground or the elder's feet. This is referred to as 'adoring elders'. This salutation can also be performed by Buddhist Sri Lankans when meeting a monk. Unless you are well familiar with the person, greetings that include hugging and kissing should be avoided. Kneeling and worshiping one's parents and elders is another holy form of greeting, especially for Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

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