Sri Lanka Service Update

By Remitbee - Apr 14, 2020

You may have noticed changes to our exchange rates for Sri Lanka. As you know, Remitbee is known for its competitive exchange rates and no fees over $500. We strive to create the best possible experience and the most value for our customers.

COVID19 is causing disruptions across the world and has affected our regular rates. Regardless, our number one priority is to make sure that our customers can continue sending money and supporting their loved ones, quickly and securely.

To help make things a little easier, we’ve created different options for sending money to Sri Lanka.

Option 1 - Instant Transfer

If you need to send money urgently, this is the best option. Your transfer will reach your loved ones within 1 business day or less. Though, instant rates tend to be lower than the “spot” you may see on the web, the added service fees and longer waiting time makes using these services more expensive than using Remitbee Instant Transfers.

Option 2 - Regular Transfers

If your priority is sending your family the most you possibly can and you can afford to wait 4-8 weeks, this is the best option for you. Our regular transfers will have a higher rate but will take longer to transfer.

As always, all our money transfers over $500 are fee-free.

Once the pandemic is over, our rates will go back to the normal ones that our customers have always enjoyed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always here to help and even more so during this crisis. Stay safe and stay home!

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